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27 studies of public policy and the law designed to arm-for-bear every American ready to stand and demand the Liberty and strictly limited government that is our birthright.

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'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?'

picks up where 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About The Income Tax' leaves off.


In this new volume, you'll learn about:


  • The in-depth, real story behind the Sixteenth Amendment;

  • A simple little model of just how the "income" tax works;

  • Cognitive stumbling blocks exploited by tax agencies against liberation-seeking Americans;

  • The disturbing relationship between the "income" tax and the Federal Reserve;

  • Why tax reform ideas like the "Fair Tax" are not only unnecessary, but completely counter-productive and even dangerous;

  • Why the "income" tax is what it is, and has to be;

  • The truth about common myths and misunderstandings within the "tax honesty" movement;

  • How to think clearly about the tax, the law in general, and the voracious state;


  • A sordid little passport application scam revealed;

  • How to know if you're in denial about the current crisis in America;

  • Whether the Constitution is going to save you, or is it the other way around?

  • The truth about paper "money; government schools; the Second Amendment...

...and much, much more!

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(Many of these articles date back into the 1990s and early 2000s-- some have indications, others will rely on you to figure them out. Because of their age, I suppose that some may be of marginal interest today, but maybe you'll feel differently...)

Today's Editorial  

On Taxes

On The Second Amendment

On The Fourth Amendment

On Lawful Government Generally

On Education

On Money


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On Taxes

(Serious students of this subject are advised to read 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America')

Even Solitary Candles, Once Lit, Can Roll Back The Darkness

A Sorry, But Instructive, Little Subterfuge

Why It Matters

The Criminal Rites Of Spring

Let's Not Lose Our Faith Too Soon

A Public Service Announcement In The Interest Of Domestic Tranquility

Feeding the Hand That Bites You

Of Words and Deeds

Modern Myths, Ancient Evils

The Tax Cheats

Misunderstandings Of The Law


On The Second Amendment

Sovereign Citizens Or Road Kill

The Socialist Plan For The Second Amendment

The Million Mom Moue


On The Fourth Amendment

An Unreasonable Assault On The Fourth

Echelon, The Census, And The Fourth


On Lawful Government Generally

The Mouse That's Roaring

Regarding the Law and Its Virtues

No Virginia, There Is No Santa Clause

Not Yours To Give

Infirmative Action

About Weapons of Mass Destruction

Plea Bargains and the Law

The Real Danger Of Terrorism

Trials and Tribulations

The Dehumanization of Timothy McVeigh

The Innocent Will Have Nothing To Fear (It'll Be Too Late)

Illusions of Authority


On Education

A Modest Proposal For A New Industrial Policy

The Full-Disservice Treatment

It's Your Money, Redux

Getting Education Reform Right

Save the Children, Save the Future



Bring 'Em Out Alive

Even Solitary Candles, Once Lit, Can Roll Back The Darkness

Three Wandering Thoughts

The Tragedy Of No Common Sense

Another Drug War Tragedy

America the Preeminent


The Barbarians At The Gate

The Perils Of Pediatrics

If Only Austin Would Call Me

Physician, Heel Thyself

Bad behavior that is not stigmatized is, thereby, subsidized.