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The Million Mom Moue

    Recently, organizers whipped to a frothy frenzy by sensationalist hype  mobilized an eye-catching host of miffed mothers in the ‘Million Mom March’ on Washington, demanding that the State usurp their children’s birthright of freedom in order, apparently, to spare these women the trouble of seeking out safe schools and day-care centers, or otherwise looking out for their own interests at their own expense.

    Declining to put forth the effort to equip themselves with facts and stand tall like adults, these hypnotized activists, puffed with media attention and public-school fed self-esteem, are confident in their effortless, clueless opinion that the existence of guns in private hands is the source of their inconvenience. By God, they’re Mad as Hell, and They’re Not Going to Take It Anymore!!

    Parroting without scrutiny erroneous and fraudulent special interest claims and cooked statistics about violence in schools, lawlessness in the streets, and the role of guns in history, politics, and modern society, the million Moms stand ready to trade the Second Amendment for a promise of wisdom and benevolence from the same bureaucratic monolith that gave them those shoddy, dangerous public schools and drug-war fueled gangland urban battlefields.

    This rising up of Oprah’s national audience is both comical and tragic. It is comical that these women imagined themselves to be girding up their loins and bravely marching into the political arena, jaws square and eyes grim to demand action, compelling media coverage in order to pressure recalcitrant lawmakers. The reality was and is that they are the deluded victims of that same media and those same demagogic politicians, both of whom are happy to seize upon such ‘calls to action’ as an opportunity to pander even further to these welcome marks.

    The tragedy is that these women, willing (or even eager) to live their lives as children, are buying wide-eyed into the well packaged promise that everything will be all right if they just let the nice man into the house... that’s right, take the chain off the door, sweetheart, I’m not going to hurt you... give me the gun... They will make as their lesson and their legacy to those children-- on whose behalf they claim to act-- surrender and prostration before the State.

    The movie title will be: "Mrs. Smith goes to Washington, listens to some Sweet Nothings, and gets Date-Raped".

    If Mom were serious about the safety of her kids in school, in fact if she were concerned about their well-being in general, she would be stridently demanding a serious tax cut so that she or Dad could drop their career and homeschool little Justin and Jennifer. For that matter, if safety was truly the issue she would be cutting up her driver’s license, because FAR more kids are killed in auto accidents than are killed by guns. But both of those real solutions would be inconvenient. Better for her to buy her conscience some time by infringing on her neighbor's rights while equipping herself with the comforting fantasy that she’s taking on the problem.

    I think we would do well to make an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, which prohibits gun control, a requirement every time a voter exercises the franchise.


    The bright side of this otherwise depressing story is that the MMM activism has stimulated some counter-activism by grown-up women calling themselves the Second Amendment Sisters, whose website can be accessed at www.2asisters.net. I hope all freedom loving ladies will visit them and give some thought to joining them in their defense of liberty.


© Peter E. Hendrickson