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The Socialist Plan for the Second Amendment


     The shock and outrage aped by the apologists and sycophants clustered in their twisted, Boschian throngs around the Clinton presidency over the charge of cynical political opportunism leveled at the administration by Wayne LaPierre of the NRA is either grotesquely delusional or calculated for the cameras.

     LaPierre correctly recognizes that Clinton willingly embraces, and even fosters, a state of anarchy which serves as a nurturing environment for his socialist policies. It may (or may not) be too much to say that Clinton welcomes the occasional gun crime, but he is unquestionably enthusiastic about capitalizing on them for policy advantage, and is not in the least hesitant to twist and distort reality while doing so, making suspicions about a deeper and more callous venality easy, and perhaps inevitable.

     It is clearly in the interest of enemies of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms that a state of hysteria be fomented, as the goal of achieving gun control of any kind, even the maintenance of the status quo, would require the amending of the Constitution, a proposition still (if barely) difficult to effect unless aided by a sense of crisis. Under the Second Amendment, the Federal government has no legal authority at all regarding guns, despite its enactment of myriad laws claiming such authority.

      Though reluctant to ascribe the necessary level of cunning and forethought to those of such barbarous character, I confess to a growing fear that, recognizing the fragility of the governments legal position on even current gun control, a plan to gut or destroy the Second Amendment of Machiavellian depth has been conceived by its enemies which capitalizes on that very weakness. The process would be this: commit all voices on the issue irrevocably to the enforcement of current laws; discover unexpectedly and reluctantly that even such a (by then) "conservative" position is precluded by the Constitution; then browbeat the subsequently more off-balance and malleable, if not fully suborned, defenders of gun rights into agreeing to an erosion or repeal of the Second.

     Part and parcel of this process is the setting up of only approved voices as the official, recognized, and admitted-to-airtime spokespersons for the defense, such as the anointing of mealy-mouthed Rockefeller Republicans as voices of the right, with true conservatives marginalized and largely silenced as ‘extremists’. This aspect of controlling the terms of the debate is a long practiced specialty of the intellectual left and its media allies.

     This dynamic, planned for or not, is well under way already thanks to years of wishy-washy politicking on the part of organizations like the NRA, which have vigorously defended the right of sportsmen to own hunting and target appliances, while giving ground steadily on the issue of arms. It is only recently, under new management, that the NRA has begun to wake up to its responsibilities, and it finds itself rhetorically compromised by past surrenders. Regardless of whether craft is at work here, the situation is liable to exploitation if not remedied, and that quickly.


     It is with no cynicism or levity that I say we must do it for the children. Our responsibility to our posterity demands that we pass along our inheritance of Freedom undamaged and strong. Raise your voice.


© Peter E. Hendrickson