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    Forging a new trail into the increasingly well-charted territory of cultural degeneracy and its Mad Hatter defensive sophistry, the American Medical Association has issued a bizarre plea to the world begging for the indiscriminate indulgence by the rest of us (particularly the Boy Scouts of America and its supporters) of the self-destructive behavior of a tiny, at risk minority-- adolescents in the early, most easily remediated stages of Homosexual Syndrome.

    Concerned that the angst resulting from the larger communityís natural disapproval puts these young victims in higher than normal danger of suicide, the liberal organization suggests that they be spared such mental stress and allowed-- and, in point of practical effect, encouraged-- to descend unhindered into a mental and behavioral pathology statistically far more dangerous in its essential character, both to themselves personally and to society in general, than the increased hazard of suicide cited. It appears that the notion of mitigating both risks by addressing and stemming the underlying homosexual behavior did not occur to them.

    Similarly, the impropriety of asking the rest of us to modify our behavior so as to spare these children the consequences of their behavior would seem to have missed the good doctors completely. Iím waiting now for a plea for us all to pull off the road as a matter of social policy whenever a teenager takes the family car out for a drunken spin, so as to reduce the number of potential collision targets. After all, kids will be kids!

    So now the family doctor, confronted with revelations of nascent pathological behavior in some young patients, is smiling indulgently and saying with a wink, "Iíll tell your folks not to hassle you about it". If you need help absorbing the surreal and sociopathic nature of the AMAís perspective, substitute cigarette smoking, crack cocaine use, excessive drinking, or any other politically unprotected self-destructive behavior for homosexuality in this scenario.

    The reader will discern that I have no patience for the popular Ďgay geneí nonsense concerning the nature of the homosexual affliction. Maybe itís just me, but I can not conceive (no pun intended, I assure you) of a characteristic more expressly lacking in competitive reproductive favorability. Címon. Itís biology 101. A trait which diminishes the likelihood of the organism to reproduce will vanish. Period.

    The nonetheless defiant subtext on which the AMAís argument relies is that any behavior requiring any amount of self-restraint to control MUST be natural in origin and therefore entitled to respectability, or at least is proof against disrepectability (unless it is a natural inclination to eat meat, smoke, consume energy, etc.), and protection from that pernicious hate-crime: Disapproval. Thus, it is practically abusive to attach any stigma to its indulgence, and impermissibly judgmental to suggest that it be restrained.

    In the instant case, in order to avoid the faux pas of stigmatizing the young Homosexual Syndrome victim for his lack of restraint the rest of us must restrain our natural impulse to resist corrosion of a cultural tradition of standards more elevated than the embrace of every animal impulse to radiate from our hyper-stimulated ids, not to mention the unhindered launching of another eventual AIDS vector into the general population.


    There was a time when the honorific of Doctor reflected an accumulation of at least a high level of education, if not wisdom; and the medical variety in particular was associated with an elevation of the health interests of the patient over the honoreeís politics. Times have changed.


© Peter E. Hendrickson