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Current Events and Continuing Education for November 9 through November 22, 2014

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison


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Ignorance about the tax has silenced our most important voices:

Set Your Church Free


Only you can prevent eye-wash inundations

Why YOUR VOICE Is So Important


This week's recommended reading:

Bittersweet Memories Of An Election 50 Years Ago, And Goldwater's Great Victory


Willful blindness to the solution; why the Gadsden should replace the Stars and Stripes on election day; see this one; more...

On This And That...


The most important question facing Americans today:

What Do The People Do About The Rogue State?


Guess what? There are only two possibilities:

You Either Stand Up For The Truth, Or You've Surrendered To The Lie


Spotlights on the past that help bring clarity to the present:

Illuminating Anniversaries for this week


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...and much, much more!


My interview by Lana Lotkeff for Radio 3Fourteen can be found here.


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Featured In This Update:

Set Your Church Free II


Do You Really Consent To What Is Done By The State?


In The End, It's A Question Of Morality


What Makes YOU A Warrior For The Truth?


Project Paradigm-Shift


Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!


A "Pragmatic" Perspective On The Tax And The Rule Of Law


Your Comments


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"There are two distinct classes of men...those who pay taxes and those who receive and live upon taxes."

- Thomas Paine


C'mon! CtC can't be right! You're crazy!

If CtC were actually right,

it would mean the government's been concealing and denying the truth for years on end,

and everybody knows THAT would never happen...

(Edward Snowden, come home! It was all just a bad dream; there really is No Such Agency!)



Do you know someone truly steeped in the Kool-Aid?


 I mean someone who finds it easier to believe that the far-better-educated, far-more-suspicious-of-government Americans of a hundred years ago were complete morons who granted authority to the state to take whatever it wished from themselves and their posterity than to imagine that they themselves simply misunderstand the true nature of the income tax? Even while knowing that their beliefs about the tax are derived entirely from the representations of those who profit from those beliefs (like tax bureaucrats and "tax professionals")?


Do you know someone like that? Shake them awake with the latest (fourteenth) edition of CtC!


Regular Resources:


I'm delighted when anyone wishes to share what I have posted here with others! Sharing this page is an important means of moving toward the restoration of the rule of law-- PLEASE DO IT!! But I'd appreciate your doing so by directing your friends here themselves, rather than by copying and emailing the material.




You can't understand the present if you don't understand the past...

Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 16- In 1776, Hessian mercenaries working for the British capture Fort Washington, New York, from the American Revolutionaries.  In 1821, William Becknell first navigates what becomes known as the  Santa Fe Trail.  In 1907, Oklahoma becomes the 46th sovereign American state and is admitted to the union as such.  In 1914, the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks open for business.  In 1965, the Soviet Union launches Venera 3, the first spacecraft to land on another planet, toward Venus.

Anniversaries of interest for each day of this week will be found throughout the newsletter below.


"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

-Samuel Adams


Set Your Church Free

Ignorance of the true nature of the "income" tax has gagged, gutted and seduced-into-disgrace America's ministerial community. This must change.

THE ART OF TYRANNY IS THE ART OF CO-OPTING a large enough or influential enough portion of the population so as to be free to use the power of the state for one's own purposes without being stopped. Over the last 75 years, the progressive operators of the state have secured freedom to pursue their socialist and self-enriching agenda in large part by successful co-option of America's ministers.

During that 75-year period, American pulpits have been transformed. They have abandoned center-stage roles as vocal and inspiring bastions of liberty and the rule of law and taken up service as muted props on the sidelines of the public square.

At one time our churches were grounded in the Biblical and Jeffersonian principle that rights are God-given and unalienable, and said so. At one time our churches recognized the state to be a mere subordinate construct of men made solely for the purpose of securing those rights against all assaults, foreign and domestic, and said so.

At one time our churches were deeply suspicious of state claims to any power to determine or compromise the extent of our rights, and said so. At one time our churches encouraged and nurtured that mature perspective in their congregations. But today most churches are silent enablers, if not outright cheerleaders for the state's ambitions and the means by which they are pursued.

The cause of this transformation is simple-- the widespread misunderstanding of the "income tax".

HERE'S HOW THAT WORKS: Because most folks are successfully misled about the limits of the tax and the activities to which it applies, they believe themselves to benefit from IRS-approved charitable-contribution deductions. Consequently, churches feel themselves better able to attract donations and tithes if they can claim IRS-approved status, either by virtue of actually applying for "501(c)(3)" status or by conforming to the speech restrictions required for that status.

The speech restrictions imposed by 501(c)(3) essentially gut any and all political advocacy. Deductibility of donations under the 501(c)(3) rules is invalid if the recipient organization engages in advocacy on behalf of any candidates for political office or attempts to "influence legislation". The bias of the IRS toward finding reasons for denying deductions and other benefits being as well known as it is, any organization wanting to preserve 5010(c)(3) deductibility feels compelled to refrain from all political advocacy.

Peter Kershaw of 'Heal Our Land Ministries' offers this summary of the effect of subordination to 501(c)(3) rules:

When a church accepts the 501(c)(3) status, that church:

  • Waives its freedom of speech.

  • Waives its freedom of religion.

  • Waives its right to influence legislators and the legislation they craft.

  • Waives its constitutionally guaranteed rights.

  • Is no longer free to speak to the vital issues of the day.

  • Becomes controlled by a spirit of fear that if it doesn’t toe the line with the IRS it will lose its tax-exempt status.

  • Becomes a State-Church.

Thus, churches believing that tax deductibility of donations is important must make a deal with the devil, accepting state censorship of their political views for money. The tragedy (aside from the disgrace of this "bargain" generally), is that the self-imposed gag is completely unnecessary.

Other than perhaps churches located within shooting distance of the Washington beltway, few if any congregants in most churches actually owe any "income" tax in the first place. Hence, these folks actually have no need for any deductions. A deduction is of no benefit to someone who has no taxable "income" from which to deduct it, and who will have no tax burden to reduce by that means.

All that is necessary to free these churches from the bonds of censorship is the widespread understanding of the liberating truth about the tax.

Freeing America's churches is no small thing, and it is no surprise that the worshippers of the State view our churches as dangerous opponents and have long striven to emasculate them as a meaningful force in public life. In our unbound churches, the State is put in its proper place-- below God and Man; a tertiary thing created by men for limited purposes, and endowed with no authority not inherently possessed by the individual men and women whose mere agent it is.

Look, for instance, at how an unbound church leader speaks to his congregants and the world at large. Here are a few words of Ezra Taft Benson, the president of the Mormon church from the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s:

"I don’t know how you feel, my brethren and sisters, but I’d rather be dead than to lose my liberty. I have no fear we’ll ever lose it because of invasion from the outside. But I do have fear that it may slip away from us because of our own indifference, our own negligence, as citizens of this land. And so I plead with you this morning that you take an active interest in matters pertaining to the future of this country."

"Because some Americans have not kept faith with our Founding Fathers, the Constitution faces severe challenges. Those who do not prize individual freedom are trying to erode its great principles. We believe the Constitution will stand, but it will take the efforts of patriotic and dedicated Americans to uphold it. . . . We, as Latter-day Saints, must be vigilant in doing our part to preserve the Constitution and safeguard the way of life it makes possible."

"A category of government activity which, today, not only requires the closest scrutiny, but which also poses a grave danger to our continued freedom, is the activity NOT within the proper sphere of government. No one has the authority to grant such powers, as welfare programs, schemes for re-distributing the wealth, and activities which coerce people into acting in accordance with a prescribed code of social planning.

There is one simple test. Do I as an individual have a right to use force upon my neighbor to accomplish this goal? If I do have such a right, then I may delegate that power to my government to exercise on my behalf. If I do not have that right as an individual, then I cannot delegate it to government, and I cannot ask my government to perform the act for me…

In reply to the argument that a little bit of socialism is good so long as it doesn't go too far, it is tempting to say that, in like fashion, just a little bit of theft or a little bit of cancer is all right, too! History proves that the growth of the welfare state is difficult to check before it comes to its full flower of dictatorship. But let us hope that this time around, the trend can be reversed. If not then we will see the inevitability of complete socialism, probably within our lifetime."

Christian theologian R. J. Rushdoony says this, when speaking unbound:

"...Biblical faith assert[s] that the source of ultimate order is not the state but God. Ultimacy and ultimate order are transcendent rather than immanent. For the state to claim jurisdiction beyond its realm is sin. The Bible gives us numerous examples of what constitutes signal evil on the part of the state. Drafting youth for non-military services to the state and taxing beyond the head tax to as much as 10% (a tithe) of a man’s wealth or income is cited as evil (I Sam. 8). For the state to claim a priestly role, and ’ the control of religion, is evil (II Chron. 26: 16-21). Expropriation of property by the state is a very serious transgression (I Kings 21). Debasing the coinage is charged against Judah as part of God’s indictment (“Thy silver is become dross,” Isa. I:22). Much, much more could be cited."

C.S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength is a book-length contemptuous and appalled indictment of the modern state.

Many other ministers and church leaders, of every denomination, have expressed similar sentiments, when unconstrained. But were a minister in any church, Mormon or other, to exhort his congregation to support or oppose legislation or any candidate in harmony with these positions, donations or tithes to that church would be denied deductibility.

And so, misled into their devil's bargain by misunderstanding of the tax (which really means seduced into a disgraceful abandonment of principle in favor of what is seen as a practical necessity), many churches which otherwise would be vocal, virtuous and powerful forces for good stand silent and simply watch as America slides into a collectivist tyranny in order to protect a "benefit" which actually offers them nothing at all.

 SPREAD THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TAX, and if you are a member of a church, focus a lot of your attention there. I firmly believe that few pastors are happy about the deal they imagine themselves obliged to make. For example, here is what Dr. Joel McDurmon of the American Vision has to say even while oblivious to the realities of the tax:

For now, churches need to be aware that their path to freedom is not within 501(c)3, but outside of it. You don’t need it, and in fact you can only speak freely without it.

Further, these ministers are truth-tellers by nature and by calling. Once informed of the liberating truth about the tax and its fundamental harmony with scripture (as well as the fundamental dissonance with scripture of the tax as commonly misunderstood), these good folks will quickly become especially-effective word-spreaders themselves.

Click here for part II

"Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God"

-Thomas Jefferson

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Why YOUR VOICE Is So Important

Only you can prevent eye-wash inundations

WHILE DOING A LITTLE RESEARCH THIS WEEK I came across a really annoying bit of disinformation on an official U.S. government website. The site is the National Archives Legislative Guide, and the page is for Chapter 23, records of the Joint Committee on Taxation. Here is what I found there:

Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation (1926-75)

 Joint Committee on Taxation (1976-88)

JC.059 With the exception of the Civil War period, before 1913 the United States Government had derived most of its revenue from indirect taxes, such as duties and excise taxes. On February 25, 1913, however, the 16th Amendment was added to the Constitution, clearing the way for Federal income taxes. In October of that year, under section 2 of an act to reduce tariff duties and to provide revenue for the Government (Public Law 63-16), the Federal Government imposed an income tax and began relying on direct taxation for its main source of revenue.

Pretty much everything said or implied in this chunk of verbiage is untrue, and easily proven untrue. Let's look at it:

JC.059 With the exception of the Civil War period, before 1913 the United States Government had derived most of its revenue from indirect taxes, such as duties and excise taxes. What is implied here is that during the Civil war the US derived its revenue from something OTHER than duties and excise taxes. This suggests that the income tax-- the primary tax during the Civil war years-- was a direct tax, and not a "duty" or "excise" tax. But of course, the Civil War income tax was indeed an excise (as is made unmistakable by THIS evidence, explicitly declaring the tax to be an excise, not to mention the explicit declarations to the same effect by the US Supreme Court in Springer, Pollock and other cases focused on the tax, as well as the fact that the statutory language imposing the tax directly designated it as a "duty"). On February 25, 1913, however, the 16th Amendment was added to the Constitution, clearing the way for Federal income taxes. This rather confusingly suggests that there hadn't been income taxes before, which contradicts the passage's own previous text, and is plainly wrong, in any event. In October of that year, under section 2 of an act to reduce tariff duties and to provide revenue for the Government (Public Law 63-16), the Federal Government imposed an income tax and began relying on direct taxation for its main source of revenue. This, of course, [again] declares the income tax to be a direct tax (thus suggesting that it is not confined to the objects of an excise)-- while rendering incoherent the passage's earlier suggestion that the Civil War variety had been direct (and especially incoherent when read with the preceding sentence in which is said "clearing the way for federal income taxes", meaning what? that the Civil War variety, which is explicitly laid on gains, profits and income just as it still is, was NOT an income tax?). Of course, the tax is NOT direct, as the Supreme Court and every other possible authority have said repeatedly over the years, and as is seen just by looking at the objects of the tax as specified in the statutes implementing it.

THIS STUFF IS ALSO DANGEROUS. It is confused and confusing eye-wash like this that provides cover for bad behavior by government officials, "tax and legal professionals" and business owners in matters concerning the tax. Not knowing the truth, anyone seeing this nonsense will simply have his conditioned myths that the 16th Amendment initiated the income tax and that the tax is a hybrid unapportioned direct tax-- and all that is implied by those myths-- reinforced.

This stuff can't be allowed to just sit on an official website uncorrected. As long as it does, our rights are imperiled.

But unless someone figures out how to sue to have this nonsense removed, the only answer is to spread this accurate information high, far and wide

It's YOUR VOICE that can fix this problem, and if you don't raise it, your rights go down the memory-hole along with the true history of the tax.

PLEASE DO YOUR PART! Navigate to the website of any college or university in your area (and elsewhere, too). Find the faculty contact info (especially the history and law faculty). Copy everything from start to finish from this page and paste it into emails to these folks, with a subject line such as, "Dear Mr. ____, please help correct harmful myths about the history of the income tax."

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

-George Orwell

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A New Book On The Truth About The Tax

TOM BOTTARO, ChFC, HAS JUST PUBLISHED 'SECRETS of the Income Tax Code- What the IRS doesn't want you to know!' Tom's book is a nice, accessible drill-down on several key aspects of the tax. Find it here.

Find many other printables and sharables suited to every different occasion and purpose here.




The Liberating Truth About The 16th Amendment

IF YOU'RE NOT SPREADING THIS LINK with every bit of energy you can, to school libraries, homeschool families and community groups, your neighbors, your family members, your pastors and co-congregationalists, journalists, lawyers, CPAs, members of congress, tax-agency workers, Wikipedia, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, the Tax Foundation, everyone in the "tax honesty" movement, the 9/11 truth movement, other activist movements and everyone else, you have only yourself to blame for your troubles with the tax, and a whole lot else of which you might complain. It's on you.

WRITE A NICE, FRIENDLY AND BRIEF introductory note explaining what will be seen at the link-- cryptic is bad; excited is good-- and then send this WMI (weapon of mass instruction) far and wide.

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

-Thomas Jefferson


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A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were fans of Big Government.
 Not really knowing what a Big Government fan is, but wanting to be liked by the
 teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little TJ.
 The teacher asked Little TJ why he has decided to be different...again.
 Little TJ said, "Because I'm not a fan of Big Government."
 The teacher asked, "Why aren't you a fan of Big Government?"
 Little TJ said, "Because I'm a libertarian."
 The teacher asked him why he's a libertarian.  Little TJ answered, "Well, my Dad's a libertarian and my Mom's a libertarian, so I'm a libertarian."
 Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, "If your dad were a moron and your mom were an idiot, what would that make you?"
 With a big smile, Little TJ replied, "That would make me a fan of Big Government."


Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 17- In 1734, Peter Zenger is arrested for "seditious libel"-- publishing criticisms of the Governor of New York.  He was acquitted of the charge after his jury was informed of its inherent authority to judge the legitimacy of the law under which Zenger was charges, as well as the fact question of whether he had, in fact, done what the law purported to prohibit.  In 1777, the Articles of Confederation are submitted to the several American States for ratification.  IN 1869, the Suez Canal opens.  In 1967, Lyndon Johnson reports to the American public that the United States military is making progress in Vietnam.  In 1970, Lt. William Calley goes on trial for the My Lai massacre; the Soviet Union lands Lunokhod 1 on the Moon-- the first extra-terrestrially deployed roving remote-controlled robot; and Douglas Engelbart patents the mouse.  In 1973, Richard Nixon tells the assembled managing editors of Associated Press, "I am not a crook!"  In 1989, a police suppression of a peaceful student protest in Prague sparks the "Velvet Revolution", which overthrows the more-than forty-year-old communist government of Czechoslovakia in less than six weeks.  In 2004, Kmart announces its purchase of Sears, Roebuck and Co..


Real Americans don't accommodate fog, lies and a sliding scale of adherence to the rule of law. Real American men and women stand up for the truth and the law, come what may, knowing that it is only by setting the bar at the top and enforcing it, come what may, that liberties are secured.


"Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated."

-Thomas Paine




ONLY ONE THING WILL WIN YOU YOUR LIBERTY: Spreading the truth. Accordingly, I've assembled outreach resources into a new, dedicated page. Find it here, and please, USE THESE TOOLS!! I can't do this all by myself. 

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

-George Orwell

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Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!

CtC Warrior SanDiegoScott has put together a great little 20-question quiz to test your knowledge of the law regarding the United States "income" tax.  Test yourself, test your friends and family!  Test your accountant and tax attorney, and help them learn the liberating truth!!


Click here to take the test


Click here for more Tax IQ tests


“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison


How About You?


Are You Governing Yourself?


Get The Knowledge, Reclaim Your Power, And Stand With The Founders




Bittersweet Memories Of An Election 50 Years Ago, And Goldwater's Great Victory

by David Franke

Since Lyndon Johnson got 61.1% of the popular vote in the 1964 election, compared to Barry Goldwater’s 38.5%, and the electoral count was 486 to 52 in favor of LBJ, you may wonder how I can describe that as “Goldwater’s great victory.”

Simple:  I’m using Conservative Movement logic.

According to Conservative Movement logic, by wresting the GOP nomination from Nelson Rockefeller, conservatives gained control of the Republican Party (allegedly, and at least temporarily), and that established the Conservative Movement as a substantial factor in national politics.  And without the Conservative Movement, the United States would have become socialist, if not communist, long ago.  That’s why the Goldwater candidacy, while an electoral and popular vote defeat, was really a victory over the long run.  It created the Conservative Movement.

Well, 50 years gives us an opportunity to judge just how successful the Conservative Movement has been in the long run.  Let’s take a look at how Uncle Sam has been starved by the existence of the Conservative Movement.


Click here to read the rest of this article and then ask yourself:

Have you caught on to the fact that meaningful change by the political process is a delusional fantasy that keeps the gullible from doing anything that will REALLY make a difference?


Aren't you REALLY, REALLY glad YOU'VE had the fortitude and clarity of vision to do the only thing that WILL make a difference by taking control of how much of YOUR WEALTH facilitates Washington's misbehavior?!


If you haven't, what the hell is wrong with you?!

Do you not understand how IRRESPONSIBLE YOU ARE for not having done so?



Even as ardent a statist as Abraham Lincoln, in announcing his willingness to burn the Southern states to the ground in order to keep them paying the tariff for the benefit of Northern interests in his first inaugural address on March 4, 1861, paid at least lip service to the Founders design of leaving control over the fuel available to feed the fires Washington wants to light in the hands of the individual citizenry when he said, "Doing this I deem to be only a simple duty on my part; and I shall perform it, unless my rightful masters, the American people, shall withhold the requisite means..."


Held over:

Disinformation-How it works

by Brandon Smith


'The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude'

by Étienne de la Boétie


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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 18- In 1883, time zones for North America are agreed upon by USA and Canadian railroad companies.  In 1909, the United States sends warships to Nicaragua after the capture and execution of two Americans attempting to surreptitiously overthrow the existing government for the benefit of U. S. commercial interests in the region.  In 1978, the members of socialist Jim Jones' 'People's Temple Christian Church Full Gospel' drink the Kool-Aid in Guyana.


Are You Ready For More Power?



"Peter Hendrickson has done it again!  'Upholding The Law' does for individual liberties what 'Cracking the Code' did for tax law compliance: exposes the reader to the unalienable truth!"

-Jesse Herron, Bill Of Rights Press, Fort Collins, Colorado

Click here for more information

And don't miss:

'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?'

picks up where 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About The Income Tax' leaves off.


In this new volume, you'll learn about:


  • The in-depth, real story behind the Sixteenth Amendment;

  • A simple little model of just how the "income" tax works;

  • Cognitive stumbling blocks exploited by tax agencies against liberation-seeking Americans;

  • The disturbing relationship between the "income" tax and the Federal Reserve;

  • Why tax reform ideas like the "Fair Tax" are not only unnecessary, but completely counter-productive and even dangerous;

  • Why the "income" tax is what it is, and has to be;

  • The truth about common myths and misunderstandings within the "tax honesty" movement;

  • How to think clearly about the tax, the law in general, and the voracious state;


  • A sordid little passport application scam revealed;

  • How to know if you're in denial about the current crisis in America;

  • Whether the Constitution is going to save you, or is it the other way around?

  • The truth about paper "money; government schools; the Second Amendment...

...and much, much more!

Click here for more information


There is little more important to the long-term health of America than how our children are educated..




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Page Two

This And That

Willful blindness to the solution; why the Gadsden should replace the Stars and Stripes on election day; see this one; more...

I COULDN'T HELP BUT FIND FUNNY (funny peculiar/funny ironic, not funny ha-ha) the glum and occasionally ominous expressions by alt-media pundits following Tuesday's vote to the effect that "Nothing will change; our progress downhill will continue notwithstanding any change in the faces in Washington." These dark perspectives are so right, but also so willfully blind.

Nothing will change in the course America is on by rotating a few handfuls of new faces into or out of Mordor-on-the-Potomac, and no rational person would imagine that it could work that way. That's not the funny thing.

The funny thing is that so many of these alt-media pessimists know, or have reason to know, about the one thing that can and would generate the change for which they purport to long: What CtC reveals about the "income" tax. That knowledge enables each individual American to impose change without any reliance on a political process long-proven to be inadequate to the task-- WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY IT WILL HAPPEN.


WHILE VOTING ON TUESDAY, I was struck by the ubiquitous appearance of the United States flag (the 'Stars and Stripes') in the polling place. Here's an example of the sort of thing I'm talking about (though this is not an image from my precinct):

Even the little "I voted" stickers given to every participant like a gold star given to a kindergartner bears an image of the flag. Reflecting on this, it occurred to me how much more appropriate and productive would be replacing these flag images with images of the Gadsden flag:

The Gadsden is just as legitimate an historical American flag, as illustrated by its prominence of place in this 1885 schoolbook rendering:

The point, of course, is that the Gadsden actually communicates something of what the franchise is all about-- a sovereign citizenry exercising its authority over a government apparatus holding power only on good behavior, and regarded as a necessary evil at best, and an intolerable one if allowed to slip the traces.

The US flag is all well and good in its proper place, of course. And it was a feature in our revolution, just as was the Gadsden.

But the US flag is not truly appropriate to display while citizens exercise a power in their capacities as citizens of their home state (as is done when voting). Further, the Gadsden better communicates the state of perpetual tension between citizen and state that is the true essence of our American system of government. I'd like voters to have that in mind when doing their work.


CITIZENFOUR, THE NEW DOCUMENTARY ABOUT EDWARD SNOWDEN by Laura Poitras opened in select theaters October 24. If it's in your area already, see it. If it's not, call your favorite local theater and demand it.

Please don't ever forget: If you don't celebrate and support those who act on your behalf even at great personal expense, pretty soon none will.


WATCHING THE WORLD SERIES THIS YEAR was so annoying at times that I just switched the channel and forewent seeing the end of the game. Advertisers, take note!

The tripping point was each occasion when the traditional 'Seventh-Inning Stretch' ritual was distorted and essentially stripped of its all-American character by a mawkish and fascistic session of state-worship in the form of a soldier singing 'God Bless America'. Where America used to gaily carol about peanuts and Cracker-Jack it now is urged by the statist infestation of the corridors of power (and its sycophants in business) to behave as though Gotterdammerung looms and only our richly-financed, Constitution-shredding, world-bestriding military-industrial-security complex gives us any hope of surviving.

Sometimes I suspect that huge swathes of our national cultural fabric is being cut to a pattern designed by Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl. What a shame to see a beautiful song like 'God Bless America' turned to such an evil use, and to see a great icon of real American character-- the utterly confident and sublime relaxation of baseball, properly conducted-- spoiled by the taint of this jingoistic ugliness.


SAY, HAVE YOU EVER GIVEN ANY THOUGHT to what will happen when 30 million other Americans-- or even just 3 million-- learn what you know about the "income" tax and begin following your example of acting to protect your own interests and uphold the law?

The political class thinks about it-- a lot.

You should, too, and add vigorous outreach to your activism.

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Are You Ready For "Obamacare"? Not Unless You've Read This...


Set a brushfire-- E-mail this newsletter to a friend


Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 19- In 1493, Christopher Columbus lands in Puerto Rico.  In 1959, Ford Motor Co. announces the discontinuation of the Edsel.  In 1969, Pele scores his 1,000th goal.  In 1998, the United States House of Representatives begins impeachment hearings against President Bill Clinton.

What Do The People Do About The Rogue State??

The most important question facing Americans today

THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE: The People impose restraint on the rogue state by choosing-- one by one-- to cease voluntarily turning control over their resources to the state, and choosing instead to retain control over those resources. This is done by refusing-- one by one-- to engage in "income tax" excisable activities (and refusing to blindly or fearfully allow their activities to be treated or taken as excisable activities upon which the tax arises, when they really are not).

The refusal of individual Americans to voluntarily engage in excisable activities forces the state to resort to highly-politically-accountable, highly-politically-vulnerable alternatives revenue sources. These include options like direct, apportioned taxes (which will not be tolerated by the people or approved by Congress at $multi-trillion annual volumes), and/or increased revenue tariffs (which can raise amounts adequate for legitimate state needs, but are very self-regulating, since consumers naturally choose domestic product alternatives when higher tariffs raise the prices of imports beyond a certain point).

This solution is precisely the one intended and provided for by the Founders-- who didn't impose the taxation rules in the US Constitution just so they could admire their handwriting. They put those rules in place in direct anticipation of state behavior of the sort with which we are now plagued.

 As even so odious a character as Hamilton pointed out in Federalist #21:

“Imposts, excises, and, in general, all duties upon articles of consumption, may be compared to a fluid, which will, in time, find its level with the means of paying them. The amount to be contributed by each citizen will in a degree be at his own option, and can be regulated by an attention to his resources. ...If duties are too high, they lessen the consumption; the collection is eluded; and the product to the treasury is not so great as when they are confined within proper and moderate bounds. This forms a complete barrier against any material oppression of the citizens by taxes of this class, and is itself a natural limitation of the power of imposing them.”

What we've got today is simply the direct (and perfectly predictable) consequences of NOT adhering to the Founders' plan. As Frederick Douglass trenchantly observed,

“Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them."

We've got plenty of injustice and wrong these days. But our fix to the problem was bought for us with blood a few hundred years ago.

All we have to do is stop playing along with the rogue state's false (and rather embarrassingly crude) paradigm  concerning who owns what, and what powers to tax have really been granted. As soon as enough of us quit endorsing that nonsense, it's all good

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A brief look at 100 years of Fiscal Folly; and a nice confirmation of CtC scholarship using four-generation-old data from the IRS itself.


CtC-Educated Lawyers: It's Way Past Time For You All To Queue Up!


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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 20- In 1789, New Jersey is the first of the several States to ratify the Bill of Rights.  In 1923, Germany issues a new currency to replace its previous fiat currency, which has hyper-inflated well past the point of absurdity.  The new "Rentenmarks" exchange for the old "Papiermarks" at one trillion to one.  In 1945, the Nuremburg War Crimes trials begin.  In 1969, the Cleveland Plain Dealer publishes photos of the My Lai massacre.  In 1985, Windows 1.0 is released.  In 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hits its lowest level since 1997.


  IGNORANCE TAX: An unnecessary exaction suffered out of ignorance as to its lawful objects and the means of its application by someone too lazy, frightened or misled to learn how it really works and to what it really applies.  See "Income Tax", "Social Security Tax", "Medicare Tax" and "Federal Unemployment Tax".


An Introduction To The Liberating Truth In Ten Easy Segments

Tom Bottaro, ChFC, CtCW, author of 'Secrets of the Income Tax Code- A Guide for Businessmen', has shared another fine outreach effort. Tom has been writing and sending a series of short wake-up and educational essays to friends and family, one by one, for some time. When Tom told me about this, I asked him to compile the pieces and let me post them for everyone to enjoy and share with their own people. Tom, good guy and warrior for the truth that he is, was perfectly agreeable.

Here is the compilation in printable .pdf format. I hope everyone will indeed share it widely. 


"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."

-United States Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson





CtC Warrior David Sides says, "Bumper stickers?  Nice, but NOT BIG ENOUGH!"


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CtC Warrior Brian H. in Alaska has a great INDOOR approach to spreading the transformational truth. Here's Brian's desk at his workplace:



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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 21- In 1620, the Plymouth Colony settlers sign the Mayflower Compact.  In 1783, the first untethered hot-air balloon flight is made in Paris.  In 1789, North Carolina becomes the 12th of the several states to ratify the United States Constitution.  In 1877, Thomas Edison presents the world with the phonograph.  In 1922, the first female U.S. Senator takes her oath of office.  In 1953, the most celebrated fossil in the world, the skull of "Piltdown Man", is revealed to be a hoax.  In 1985, U.S. Navy Intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard is arrested as an Israeli spy.  In 1995, the Dow closes above 5,000 for the first time.


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(How our forefathers responded to arrogant "Rule of Law defiers"...)





“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

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MY FRIENDS, IT IS MY SINCERE BELIEF that this community of activists has been encouraged, inspired, enlightened and expanded over the years by the steady posting here of your ongoing victories on behalf of the rule of law. Certainly, it has been my pride and my joy to help you share with the world your honorable testament to the liberating truth about the tax, widespread knowledge of which is so critical to the well-being of ourselves, our children, and our beloved America.


However, unless YOU send those victories I can't post them. Unless YOU stand up, your courage and commitment can't inspire anyone.


YOU WILL RECALL THAT FOR THE LAST YEAR OR SO I've been telling you that we are in a transformational moment. Look around at what is going on today and recognize the truth of what I say.


More than half the American population views government as a threat. As mainstream a publication as Forbes magazine is posting articles about massive DHS ammunition and armored vehicle purchases. Denunciations of the NSA violations are features in every major MSM organ.


Even before Edward Snowden's documentation of particular crimes being committed against the American people the LA Times, NY Times, Washington Times and other mainstream organs were editorializing about Leviathan having grown too big, and gotten dangerously out-of-hand (see stories at each of the preceding links). In the Spring Rand Paul's filibuster denouncing the lawlessness of Mordor-on-the-Potomac prompted a major buzz across the country, and in July Justin Amash shocked Washington by very nearly defunding a huge portion of the illegal surveillance state's crimes.


Concurrently, this CtC community has been winning legal victories and refunds which are ever-more significant and telling. Consider, for instance, the victories which have qualified for the EWWBL collection. Every one of these is an especially illuminating acknowledgement of the truth about the tax, and now include a very significant two-time victory in a federal district court.


Things are happening!


HOW IT ALL SHAKES OUT is still up for grabs, though. This is not the time for either complacency or paralysis, because both of those don't amount to "doing nothing"-- instead they amount to "standing down". And standing down means conceding the fight, letting all these eleventh-hour sparks of light burn out unnurtured and the moment be a transformation for the worse.


This is not the time for standing down. This is the time for a FULL-COURT PRESS.


This is the time for educated American grown-ups to stand up tall and firm, pulling others to their feet by their very gravity. This is the time for leading the way.


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The Willingness Of Some People To Trade Liberty For Convenience Is Without Limit

Some Observations About Current Political Efforts To Evade The Truth, Such As The "Fair Tax" Scheme


Regarding "Tax Reform"


"Taxes are not raised to carry on wars, wars are raised to carry on taxes."

-Thomas Paine


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Warrior David Larson shares this beautiful little farce, wryly observing that, "Depositors have "..not lost one penny.." - OK we could agree on that simple statement  ..how about the purchasing power of that same penny 'not lost'?"


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics






Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 22- In 1718, the pirate known as Blackbeard is killed off the coast of North Carolina in a fight with a British warship.  In 1963, President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas.  In 1987, two Chicago-area television signals are hijacked briefly by an unknown pirate dressed as Max Headroom.


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-Samuel Adams, Architect of the First American Revolution


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Hendrickson is also a widely-read essayist on matters of politics, public policy and law; many of these works are collected in his second book, ‘Upholding the Law And Other Observations’.  He is a member of Mensa; an award-winning artist; and has paid his dues as a youth soccer coach.  He is a long-time political activist as well, and has served as co-chair and platform convention delegate of Michigan’s largest county Libertarian Party organization; as a consultant to the National Right to Work Foundation and Citizens for a Sound Economy; as a member of the Heartland Institute; and as a member of the International Society for Individual Liberty.  He is a frequent radio-show guest on stations across the country.


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