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Resources for Acquiring or Refining Understanding of the Income Tax

Practical Evidence of the Correctness and Completeness of CtC's Revelations

How to Share Your Own Evidence, and Why

Proof that Government Pretenses of Disagreement with CtC are False

Exposés of Government Efforts to Suppress CtC

How the Roads will get Paved and Other Consciousness-Raising Information

Resources for Legal Contests And Tips For Educated Filers

Debunks of The Blizzard of Disinformation about the Tax Generated by "Tax Honesty" Gurus

Resources for Business Owners

The Hysteria Supplement: A Collection Of Posts Addressing The Covid-19 Madness

Other Subjects

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“Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing.”

– Thomas Paine


Resources for Acquiring, Refining and Sharing Understanding of the Income Tax

'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America'

The scary and exhilarating book that educates, liberates and empowers every reader.

Supplemental Appendix Material For 'Cracking the Code'

Hey, it's a big subject, and I keep finding more and more supporting evidence and authority...

A Brief Introduction To The Fascinating Truth About The American Income Tax

A concise drill-down on the nature of the tax, the real purpose and meaning of the 16th amendment, and a "CtC for Dummies" model of how the tax actually works.

The 'Cracking the Code Companion CD'

All the tools and resources any legal and historical researcher needs.

An Index To Cracking the Code

Warrior Yvonne Wesley put this helpful guide together.

The CtC Study Guide Artifact

Ike Hall's excellent, though unfinished, contribution to the community.

'Was Grandpa Really A Moron?'

The sequel to 'Cracking the Code'.

The Lost Horizons Newsletter

A resource offering critically-important weekly polishing of every CtC Warrior's understanding.


Pages everyone should read now and then, just to find answers and keep some of the subtle things in focus.

The Quiz Page

Test and refine your "income" tax IQ.

Bob's Bicycles

A simple little story explaining the basics of the tax, and the scam.

Grover Cleveland-- The Democrat Elected President By Republicans

A great president, and one whose story helps illuminate the truth about the income tax.

What Qualifies As Income-Taxable Privilege

It's a lot more than just "wages", but a lot less than "all that comes in"...

The Nature Of The Tax Brief

The whole legal character of "income" in seven short pages.

Knowledge Is Power Flashcards

Perfect for teaching the kids (and hey, their friends, too) during dinner...

Poisonous Pieties

The true income tax dynamic is in perfect harmony with core religious principles

Individual Virtue And The Income Tax

The "ignorance tax" relies on individual immorality

Plain Facts About The Tax

The whole Constitutional tax framework in a tight syllogistic chain.

The "Includes, But Is Not Limited To..." Paper

A comprehensive presentation on a shamelessly-abused chunk of legalese.


Practical Evidence of the Correctness and Completeness of CtC's Revelations

Federal And State Responses To Proper Claims For Refund

Brain candy for patriotic Americans dedicated to the rule of law and restoring the republic.

The 'Every Which Way But Loose' Collection

Fully-documented case studies of tax agency efforts to resist CtC-educated testimony and claims.

200,000 Government Admissions Against Interest


How to Share Your Own Evidence, and Why

How To Share A Victory

Simple formatting and submission guidance.


I really need every single warrior to read this article and take it VERY seriously. I'll be brutally frank: At this point, if you don't share your victories, loud and proud, you probably don't belong in this community.


Proof that Government Pretenses of Disagreement with CtC are False

The 'Every Which Way But Loose' Collection

Fully-documented case studies of tax agency efforts to resist CtC-educated testimony and claims.

200,000 Government Admissions Against Interest

YOU can read between the lines, right? How about your CtC-denying friends? Or, are they stupid?

The Transparent Fraud Of The "Frivolous Return Penalty" Ploy

A last-ditch defense of the crumbling "ignorance tax" scheme.

Judicial And Agency Fraud

You only engage in this kind of falsification when the truth is against you...

The Tax Fraud Presentation Video

Same as above, but with commentary, emphasis and attitude.

The Tax Fraud Presentation Q&A

Some helpful post-presentation clarifications and testimony.


Exposés of Government Efforts to Suppress CtC

On Scary Noises From Trolls Lurking Under The Bridge To Liberty

Debunking government-flogged myths about penalties, prosecutions, judicial rulings and more designed to frighten Americans away from CtC and discourage those already educated from acting or standing up tall when doing so.

More Than 15 Years Of Government Assaults On Me Personally (And Eventually Even On My Wife) In Efforts To Discourage Publication And Consumption Of My Research...

...even while steadily issuing hundreds of thousands of complete tax refunds in unambiguous acknowledgement of the correctness of that research...

The Crime Of The Century

The fraudulent "erroneous refund" claim that became the basis for every subsequent attack on me, and, eventually, even an attack on my wife.

Official Lies And How To Use Them

Another "reading between the lines" to see the truth being evaded-- and thereby illustrated-- by the liars.

The Conversation That Could Change America

The media has sat silent about CtC.


How the Roads will get Paved and Other Consciousness-Raising Information

What Life Will Be Like...

How things will work when understanding of the tax has again become widespread.

One Big Cost Of The Tax

The "opportunity cost" to working individuals is shocking.

Getting It Good And Hard

The "opportunity cost" on a large scale is even more shocking.

On Shrinking Leviathan

The power is in your hands.

On Draining The Swamp

The Founders anticipated the swamp, and provided against it.

Set Your Church Free

The co-opting of America's pastors is despicable. Here is the antidote.

CtC Is THE Remedy To The Out-Of-Control State

...and the state can neither thwart it nor evade it.

What America Really Gets From The "Ignorance Tax"

Nothing good...

The Tax-Fueled Mechanics Of Political Money-Laundering

The corruption of America's political class is a despicable side effect of the "ignorance tax" scheme.

The "Ignorance Tax" Scheme Is An Exercise In Pure Subversion

Let's use the proper names of things, so we can act accordingly.

Regarding Tax "Reform"

Why this perennial issue is invalid and insidious, and just a harmful distraction from the liberating truth.

Upholding the Law and Other Observations

The Constitution can't enforce itself; it's all on you and me.

The Biggest Snow-Job In World History

The Fabian success in convincing Americans that their parents had adopted a Marxist tax system.

Outreach Resources

Flyers, bumper stickers, pamphlets and advice for spreading the word.


Resources for Legal Contests

Notes And Tips For Educated Filers

Regarding "Frivolous Return" Penalties

A Template For Possible Response To "Change Of Tax" Proposals

A Template For Possible Response To "Change Of Amount Withheld" Proposals

The Best Response To Tax Agency Bad Behavior

A Brief Discussion Of "Wages" And "Trade Or Business"

Regarding The Limits Of The Lien And Levy Powers

"Information Returns" Are NEVER Sufficient Evidence

The Actual Statutory Scope of 26 U.S.C. § 6331(a)

On Suing To Compel Refunds

Regarding Requests For Judicial Notice In Legal Actions

Get IRS Return, Account and "Wage" and "Income" Transcripts

On Tax Agency "Determination" And "Adjustment" Authority

Notes Specific To Union State Income Tax Structures

On Filing Criminal Complaints Against The Creators Of False IRs

State Statutes Criminalizing Subornation Of Perjury And Similar Offenses

The Sixth Circuit Concedes The "Includes" Issue

The Sixth Circuit Concedes The "6020(b)" Issue

About "Notices of Levy"

Regarding Audits

The Statutory Basis For The Summons/Examination Authority

Regarding "Deficiencies"

Regarding 6020(b) Returns

The Statutory Basis For 6020(b) "Substitute Returns"

The Statutory Origin Of The IRS

A Criminal Case Motion In Limine Regarding "Information Returns"

A Civil Case Motion In Limine Regarding "Information Returns"

A Motion In Limine Regarding Federally-Connected Jurors

A Solution To Improper Garnishment Efforts

Just What Is A "1040", Anyway?

Stats And Regs Defining "Wages"

Core Arguments For Any Tax-Related Legal Contest

A Refund Complaint Template



Working Toward A Writ



Debunks of "Tax Honesty" Guru Disinformation about the Tax

The Truth About A Wide Variety Of Bogus Theories And Bad Practices

"Section 83" gibberish; nonsense about birth certificates and the Queen of England; the ignorant surrender-by-default of non-filing; "Revocation of Election" lunacy; territorial jurisdiction foolishness; the list goes on and on. See all topics to find any by which you or folks you know have been taken in.


Resources for Business Owners

Is Your Business Really An "S-corp"?

You can call yourself the Queen of Sheba, but that doesn't really make it so...

A Business-Owner's Introduction To The Truth About The Tax

Chartered Financial Consultant Tom Bottaro offers some wake-up info to the not-yet-educated

Everything Most Americans Need To Know About Credit-Card Transaction Reporting

As usual with "income tax" issues, this one hinges on the fine print

A Sorry But Instructive Little Subterfuge

A thoroughly-proven solution to bogus tax agency levies/garnishments

The Criminal Rites Of Spring

Signing a tax form without a complete knowledge of the legal meaning of everything on it is perjury, at the very least...

It's Not Too Late To Do The Right Thing

An honest payer will only report what he actually knows to be true on an "information return"...


Other Subjects 

The Important Truth About The Ukraine Conflict

It's not what you've ever heard from either the MSM or even most "alt" media.

The Important Truth About The Israel-Palestine Conflict

It's not what you've ever heard from either the MSM or even most "alt" media.

The Fascinating Truth About "14th Amendment Birthright Citizenship"

Let's be done with this long-running bit of legal nonsense.

The REAL Healthcare Crisis

...is due to government interference, of course.

Regarding Immigration

A defense of strict limits on the inflow.

The "General Welfare Clause" Fallacy

No, Congress is NOT authorized to control what kind of light-bulbs, toilet or car you use.

"Trans" And Other LGByadayada Nonsense

Law is downstream from politics, and politics is downstream from culture. This stuff matters.

Regarding "Debanking" And Other Cancel Culture Offenses

Current federal and state civil rights law, properly understood, offer protection against these ideological assaults.

The Historical Illiteracy (And Other Embarrassments) Of Critical Race Theory

This divisive, corrosive and destabilizing bs needs to be vigorously denounced and driven back under the rock from which it emerged.

The Covid-19 Project

A deep-drill analysis of the affair, step-by-step from March, 2020 onward.

An Actual Solution To The Abortion Problem

One that recognizes the real issues and is immune to judicial interference.

Remember The Irish

Word to all frothy Islamophobes: Get a grip, and get an educated perspective

Drilling Down On The "Minimum Wage"

Offering a little clarity with which to cut through this perennial bank of socialist fog

The Fascinating Truth About The Second Amendment

It's got nothing to do with hunting...

The Fascinating Truth About The Fourth Amendment

The real legal meaning of "unreasonable" and your right to privacy.

The Great Deception

A defense of the Constitution.

The 'Watching the Watchmen' Amendment

Restoring the People's Grand Jury.

The Privacy Locker

Simple tools against real threats to your rights.

The Shield

The Founders provided us with the means to protect out liberty.

Passports and SSNs

A CtC education works wonders in many areas of interface with the state.

Illusions Of Authority

Know the real limits of those who propose to rule you.

On Judicial Incentives

Did you think judges are impartial and fair? You won't when you know their incentives.

9/11- The American Reichstag Fire

Yes, it's an emergency call. Are you going to respond?


This is about as important as anything American parents can do.

Selected Cuts

A collection of articles on various topics.

The Proper American Pledge Of Allegiance

Enough with the socialist, statist standard version!


Many, many, many more topics are dealt with on these pages than those listed above. You'll have to hint for them yourself, though, using the 'Search' function here, or by scrolling through the archived newsletters in which they will generally first appeared.

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