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Tools For Outreach


FOR INSTANCE: Copy and paste the following (with appropriate salutation tweak) into email messages to EVERYONE IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK!!

Do it now! Do it without fail.

We CAN restore the republic and the rule of law-- but only if you act.

Dear Mr./Ms. _____

I have the best news any liberty-loving, patriotic American could share, and I'm going to share it with you.

75 years ago, a daring scheme was put into motion by which a key Constitutional restraint on State power was effectively bypassed, leading to a cancer-like growth of the State into the dangerous monster it is today. This is NOT the good news.

But here IS that good news: The mechanism of the scheme was nothing more than the simple cultivation of public misunderstanding concerning the income tax.

Undoing this scheme and all its ill effects requires nothing more than for individual Americans to regain an accurate understanding of the tax-- a simple task already accomplished by many tens of thousands of men and women. No laws need to be changed, no amendments to the Constitution are needed; in fact, "we the people" need nothing from any state actor or official whatever in order to solve this problem.

We don't even need to act as a coordinated group ourselves. All that is needed is for individual Americans, one by one, to read the modest compilation of material at losthorizons.com/The16th.htm.

The task is easy. It's just ten printed-pages-worth of text, with linked documents on certain specialized subjects totaling another fifteen pages or so (exclusive of some judicial rulings and law review articles which are relevantly excerpted from often much larger complete texts), plus another fifteen pages-worth of endnotes. No registration is required; no donations are sought; the material is free to all.

In the reading, and upon consideration of the documentary evidence provided, it quickly becomes clear that what is presented in this brief and easy little compilation of research, analysis and supporting authority is entirely correct. No great investment of study is required; in fact, all a reader need bring to the task is a grown-up awareness that those in control of the State are not always angelic when widespread public misunderstanding of an issue allows them to be otherwise.*

So, the realization of a long dream of the American people is in hand: the end of everything everyone hates about the income tax. In our hands-- right now-- is the undoing of the mammoth liberty-and-prosperity-destroying weapon of special interests into which the State has grown over the last 75 years.

That cancerous growth of the State was made possible by the increasingly-systematic misapplication of the tax during that 75-year period to pretty much all economic activity, rather than the narrow category of gains to which it actually applies under the law and to which it was confined until the early 1940s. At that point the effect of an incessant 30-year progressivist campaign of disinformation about both the nature of the tax and the purpose and effect of the 16th Amendment combined with the psychological effect of the Great Depression and the hurly-burly of World War II to give ambitious statists a chance to experiment with administering the tax in a manner calculated to evade its statutory and Constitutional limits.

But the laws and the Constitutional provisions by which the tax had previously been restrained have never changed. Those restraints are all still entirely in place. The misapplication of the tax has been accomplished solely by exploitation of widespread ignorance of those restraints.

Thus, all we need do to end the scourge is hit the cognitive "reset button". All that is needed to end the scourge is to spread the word and see to it that this information reaches everyone.

You need to be a part of the "word-spreading".

There are a lot of things to complain about and worry about and fear in this currently "post-Constitutional" America. This is one you can actually do something about, and it's the mother-- or at least the wet-nurse-- of most of the others.

Everything has been done for you. All the research, all the analysis, even the in-the-trenches and on-the-front-line blood, sweat and tears of thousands of fellow Americans who have arrived before you and have been forcing the truth out into the open, sometimes at great cost.

It's time for you to become part of this solution.

Understand that this is the ONLY solution. There will be no remedy for the disease that is the State from the political process. That process is coopted and corrupted.

There will be no remedy for the disease that is the State from the courts. They are ITS courts, after all.

There will be no remedy for the disease that is the State merely from punditry. Complaint and efforts to raise consciousness are, in-and-of-themselves, empty of practical effect. It is only when people learn what to do, how to do it and why to do it that practical effect is accomplished.

Thus, the only remedy for the disease that is the State is in individual American men and women knowledgably standing and re-imposing on the State the restraints of the People's law, one after another in greater and greater numbers until the outlaw State has been disciplined, regulated and shrunken back to its proper size and strength. This solution resorts entirely to our founding principles, and rests on a proven structure of law by which we enjoyed 140 years of freedom and prosperity unparalleled in human history.

The alternative is simply to wait for a ruinous, possibly violent, collapse of the State and hope for an eventual good outcome from the resultant chaos. This is not a solution; it is madness.

Please become part of the real solution.

You need do nothing except help guide your fellow Americans to the liberating knowledge presented at losthorizons.com/The16th.htm.

You don't need to explain anything; you don't need to defend anything; you don't even need to act on that knowledge yourself. Just point the way.

I know I can count on you, and I thank you in advance for your help in this simple but oh-so-important project.

Very Sincerely Yours As You Uphold Liberty and the Law,


*At the same time, though, the self-evidence of the correctness of this material need not be relied upon as proof of that correctness. That correctness has been endlessly acknowledged by federal and state officials in the most concrete manner possible for all of the eleven years since the material was first uncovered and knowledgeably organized.

Even while pursuing a sustained and increasingly creative and corrupt effort to evade and discourage those who have studied this material and learned the truth about the tax, these officials have been simultaneously compelled-- much and obviously against their preferences-- to suffer the claims of those who have learned the truth about the tax and steadily return every penny paid-in or withheld from those educated folks.


Dear ______________

Now that the income tax has been revealed as far more limited in its reach than had been commonly believed, you may have some questions about the practical effect of those revelations. I want to offer you some observations on that subject, with due consideration to both the ups and the downs.

Here are some of the predictable effects:

  • As more and more Americans realize they don't engage in any conduct subject to the tax, and remove themselves from the category of "net tax-payers", the rules currently allowing a huge portion of the adult population of the country to be "net tax-consumers" will be abandoned so that the State can continue to collect as much revenue as possible. The social safety net will remain, but things like the "Earned Income Tax Credit" will not.

  • Prices of all private-sector goods and services will drop. Previously producers and suppliers had to charge enough to cover costs and a profit margin, plus the additional 30 - 45% of earnings they paid as income tax (along with all the similar tax indemnifications built into the "costs" part of the equation by upstream suppliers). This massive expense will now be gone.

  • Congress will resort to a revenue tariff in order to supplement what the income tax is able to bring in from actual taxable activities. That tariff will strongly encourage the restoration of a domestic manufacturing base, since by no means will Congress allow it to be evaded under the pretense that an import made in a foreign plant owned or operated by a nominally American company somehow isn't really an import.

  • Federal and state subsidies propping up inefficient producers or giving special favors to politically-connected interests will end for lack of resources to lavish around in that way, resulting in a much stronger, more efficient (and hence greener), lower cost-of-living economy.

  • Campaign corruption will massively diminish, as all legislatures will have far less to be bribed or cajoled into handing out to clients and cronies.

  • Fitful efforts will be made to institute a national sales tax or VAT ("value added" tax) but to no avail, since Americans educated about the income tax simultaneously learn that NSTs and VATs are un-Constitutional.

  • No longer equipped with trillions to spend pandering to every noisy or persuasive special interest, American governments will be obliged to narrow their activities to those explicitly mandated in their Constitutions.

  • The federal government's ability to continue borrowing and amassing huge public debt will be seriously curtailed by its manifest inability to service substantial debt obligations.

  • The retention by the American people of huge amounts of money previously being put into the hands of politicians for non-market-disciplined spending will profoundly nourish and muscle-up the economy. The shift of this wealth from the bank accounts of government clients and cronies back to private consumption and investment will dramatically reduce unemployment and allow the handy absorption of the government workers cut free by downsizing into productive activities.

  • The militarization of American police departments will cease, as the Department of Defense became less cavalier with its now more relatively precious equipment.

  • The homogenization and degradation of education will cease. The federal government will not have the money with which to bribe state governments into adopting centralized curriculums like "Common Core".

  • All the other diktats by which the federal government has evaded its Constitutionally-limited role through bribery of the state governments with their own citizens' money will end. The states will once again be "laboratories of democracy", and Americans will once again be able to meaningfully "vote with their feet."

  • Private charity-- always practiced with astonishing generosity by Americans even while suffering massive extractions for the benefit of the state-- will swell dramatically.

  • The federal government will no longer be an enormous third-party payer in healthcare transactions, with all the distortions of pricing and practice attendant on that arrangement. Healthcare prices will fall while at the same time Americans' ability to pay for healthcare out-of-pocket rises. Impositions like those of "Obamacare" will be universally-recognized as only applying to the minority of the population engaged in "income-taxable" activities.

  • Congress will retain the ability to impose an apportioned direct tax whenever the federal government needs a large infusion of revenue.

As you can see, applying the income tax to only its statutorily-specified objects once again will transform the American landscape. People will become more free and more in control of their own lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness, while government will be pulled from its current position as lord and master and will resume its proper role as the people's servant.

Whatever one's view of those transformations, they will occur simply by virtue of respect for the law. The limitations on the tax are not those of State policy, but are imposed by the Peoples' Law-- the United States Constitution. For 140 years, respect for that law kept the American people prosperous and free, and resuming the enforcement of our law upon the State will restore that prosperity and freedom.

Last week, when I shared the good news about the limits of the tax with you, I asked you to help spread that news. I again ask that you help, by sharing this message with all you can reach.

Acting together, we CAN restore the republic. 

I know I can count on you, and I thank you in advance for your help in this simple but oh-so-important project.

Very Sincerely Yours As You Uphold Liberty and the Law,



How To Speak And Write The Liberating Truth About The Tax

This community must become an intellectual force concerning the income tax. Here are a few tips for participating effectively in this very important project.

ALTHOUGH APOCRYPHAL IN ITS ORIGIN, the observation that, "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing" is wisdom. Evil must be fought; lies must be countered with the truth.

In the arena in which the people and the state struggle against each other for supremacy, the battle is fought on several levels. Good men must fight on each of those levels.

For instance, the contest for who will command and dispose of each American's resources must certainly be joined on the level at which legal claims are made and rebutted. Each man and woman who wishes to remain in control of his own property, and the product of her own hard work must, in the face of all challenges, assert his ownership, and rebut claims made against her, each or both in the manner provided for by law.

But this immediate and small-scale engagement is not enough to defeat the evil of collectivist assaults on individual rights, even just in the area of taxation. The efforts of evil in this area are not only on the individual level.

The fact is, the need for fighting on the individual scale arises only because evil works hard on a much larger scale. Progressivist mythology about the nature of the "income" tax has been patiently taking root in the public mind for decades, and it is because of the success of that effort that those who know the truth about the tax must engage in the small contests. 75 years ago, no American had to argue with any payer or tax agency about the legal status of his earnings, or rebut false assertions simply in order to keep what belonged to her.

That the small battles must be fought today are because the larger battle has gone unfought. Good men must begin acting in the arena on THAT level, and quickly.

This community of educated Americans-- YOU, I mean-- must begin fighting the bigger fight. You must begin establishing yourselves as the intellectual counter-weight and corrective to the progressivist and statist myths about the tax. Failing to do so means staying mired in "trench warfare on Groundhog Day"-- winning each skirmish (in some cases only after some effort), but having to re-capture the same ground again, year after year.

FIGHTING THIS HIGHER-LEVEL BATTLE IS IMPERATIVE, but it is far easier than you might think. In this contest you have not only the truth on your side, but all the necessary facts have been assembled for your use. All you really HAVE to do is share them and put behind them your own energy.

What's more, fighting this higher-level battle is fun and very satisfying. Each salvo you launch into the public discourse makes you Neo with your hand extended in the "bring it" gesture while secure in the knowledge that you are armed for bear with unbeatable truth. Each presentation you send out into cyberspace is a persistent and multiplying mote of light.

You DO NOT have to be an expert debater (or a debater at all). You DO NOT have to write scholarly papers, or do research (although both are encouraged). You DO NOT have to defend anything.

All you have to do in order to be the critically-important intellectual counterweight to the myth-mongers and their false message is to put the facts into circulation.

You can put the facts into circulation individually. You can email around, for instance, just the following: "Did you know that the income tax really began in 1862? Look at what it says in the preamble to the 1939 Internal Revenue Code! You can see it right here. How about that?" Nothing more need be done; no explanation is needed.

If someone writes back to say "So what?" you can just reply that you found it intriguing, and leave it at that. THE SEED WILL DO ITS WORK-- not everywhere, but somewhere, and that's all that's needed.

Or you can put the facts into circulation in a more developed form, by sending, for instance, this file, or this file, or this one, or this one.

Again, YOU DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN OR DEFEND. If asked, nothing more need be said than, "I thought you'd find it intriguing. I did."

OF COURSE, YOU CAN ALSO WRITE YOUR OWN ARTICLES, and that's a great thing to do. As regards this latter option, I offer a few guidelines to help everyone in the community speak in the same language, so that the overall message is as clear to the larger community we are trying to educate as possible.


1. Never use the expressions, "income", "wages", "trade or business", "employee", "employment", "employer"-- with or without the "up-antenna" quote-marks, except to refer to the statutorily-defined things to which these apply as used in tax law. That is, don't ever call NON-federally-connected gains 'income'. Don't ever call non-federally-connected pay 'wages'

Indeed, it is best to not only never use the expression 'income' to refer to anything but [what really should be called] "fed-come", or 'wages' to refer to anything but [what really should be called] "fed-wages" when trying to educate others about the tax, but to never do so even just in casual conversation. Nothing will be more confusing to someone new to the truth about the tax than hearing you refer to NON-federally-connected gains with one of these words after you have just explained that all "income" is subject to the tax, or when they later see a court ruling or statute declaring that "all income is subject to the tax".

One of the hardest things for people to deal with in coming to understand the tax is that statutes and court rulings about those statutes (and the things those statutes concern) are entirely context-controlled. Consequently, when, for instance, the expression 'income' appears in either, only the statutory thing that goes by that name is being spoken of, not what goes by that name in common speech.

The US Supreme Court has explained this:

“Words having universal scope, such as 'every contract in restraint of trade,' 'every person who shall monopolize,' etc., will be taken [by everyone who understands how the law works], as a matter of course, to mean only everyone subject to such legislation, not all that the legislator subsequently may be able to catch.”

American Banana Co. v. United Fruit Co., 213 U.S. 347 (1909)

As this observation by the court indicates, when a tax-related ruling is made upholding the application of the tax to "income", it is only referring-to the variety of 'whatever comes in' that is subject to the tax, and is NOT saying that what is subject to the tax is "whatever comes in". Those who can apply the appropriate cognitive filter can read such rulings (and the statutes with which they are concerned) without misunderstanding.

But without the filter misunderstanding is easy, and acquiring and making proper use of that filter is especially hard for people who have been subjected to a life-time of conditioning dedicated to suppressing its application in regard to the tax, as has been true of all Americans alive today. We have to guard against contributing to the confusion in others, even if we are able to keep things sorted-out properly in our own minds.

It's simply an unfortunate reality that the manner in which the income tax is constructed, and the voracious appetite of the unscrupulous State for resources which has informed its administration over the last 75 years, have combined to entirely co-opt a number of formerly societally-owned expressions. At this point it is no more appropriate to use these terms with any meaning other than the statutory ones than it would be to describe your heterosexual but light-hearted and whimsical uncle as "a very gay fellow".

So, NEVER say, for instance, "they can't tax people's wages". You may be meaning to say that they can't tax what average people earn, which we're all in the habit of calling 'wages', but what you will be heard to say is, "when I was telling you (or will tell you in a minute) about a class of taxable-activity earnings called "wages" in the law, I was speaking gibberish. I hope you can figure it out.

Don't even try to avoid this problem by a qualifier, like "they can't tax people's un-privileged wages". (Or "private-sector wages", or "common-meaning wages", etc..) You have told them (or will tell them) that there is a thing in the law called "wages" that are relevant to the tax. Use that expression to begin with and throughout to mean nothing but that thing. When not meaning that thing, use [un-privileged] 'earnings', 'pay', 'gains', 'receipts', and so forth. Apply the same principle to every other defined term in the tax law whose label mimics a common word.

2. Remember and adhere to the fact that the tax is on activities, NOT the dollars (or dollar-value) those activities produce. The dollars are just the measure of the amount of activity conducted, and the medium in which any applicable tax on those activities will be paid.

This can be a clunky thing to incorporate in an explanation about the tax tax. But it is a fact that helps people grasp and retain how the tax can properly and without internal contradiction be demanded from some folks and not from others.

It's not easy to see the difference between Joe's paycheck and Sam's paycheck. But it's easy to see the difference between Joe's work as a federal regulator, exercising powers that only exist because the federal government exists and are only Joe's to administer by permission of that government, and Sam's as a baker (or plumber, or whatever) doing what is his to do by right, and which can be done whether the federal government (or any government) exists or doesn't.

Likewise, it's not easy to see the difference between the dividends Nancy receives on her investments and those received by Sally. But it's easy to see the difference between Nancy receiving the benefits of investment in federal activities (which is participation by proxy in those activities), also only possible by the existence and permission of the government, and Sally getting her part of profits achieved by activities done purely by the rights of the doers.

All that said, don't belabor this point. Explain it up front, and then explain that subsequent use of the expression "income" (or "wages" or whatever) is to be understood to really mean the activity which is measured by the receipts known as "income" (or "wages", etc.).

3. Draw on at will, and closely adhere to, the facts and analysis concerning the real meaning and effect of the 16th Amendment and the origin of the tax in 1862 found at losthorizons.com/The16th.htm.

4. Use common sense, rely on your audience's common sense, and use analogies whenever possible.


1. Be positive, and upbeat. I have been well criticized for an occasional excess of snarkasm and derision in discussing government behavior (for instance, in many, if not most, of the 'Every Which Way But Loose' postings). Let me be the only one guilty of that sometimes off-putting demeanor. Like in a marketing campaign, you want to show smiles, not grimaces or anger.

2. Be positive and upbeat!!

3. Calmly and without fire and brimstone, explain how learning and acting on the truth about the tax is a moral imperative. Use this or this, or your own formulations.

4. Point out how dramatically better-off America and Americans will be when the proper scope of the tax is again widely understood and respected, and when that understanding and respect has had its effect. Use this or this or this, own your own formulations.

5. Draw on, and communicate, your own passion and energy and resolve. DON'T let yourself get knobbled by any sense of the difficulty involved in communicating the truth, or of standing up for the truth. Push any such hindrances aside by looking inward and taking stock of what makes YOU rise and act.

Proudly let YOUR OWN resolve and sense of purpose inform your words and expressions to others. You will be amazed at how inspiring you will be when you push aside the rest and let your dedication to what is right do the talking with its own graceful, shining and powerful voice.


HERE ARE SOME USEFUL GUIDELINES, HINTS AND PERSPECTIVES for customizing or making more effective the mailings that you do:

You must view the task before us exactly the way the civil rights activists viewed their task.

Do you think every journalist out there is incapable of taking an interest in what CtC has revealed, or the outrages to which the government has increasingly resorted in its efforts to suppress or discourage the spread of those revelations? YOU ARE WRONG.

Do you think every lawyer or judge or law-school professor or CPA is incapable of taking an interest in what CtC has revealed, or the outrages to which the government has increasingly resorted in its efforts to suppress or discourage the spread of those revelations? YOU ARE WRONG.

These people are NOT incapable of taking an interest in what CtC has revealed, or the outrages to which the government has increasingly resorted in its efforts to suppress or discourage the spread of those revelations. Nor are they frozen against those things.

These folks have simply been conditioned, all their lives, to reflexively view anything outside or contrary to their existing understanding of reality with extreme skepticism-- just as everyone else does. Breaking through the firewalls of skepticism REQUIRES PERSISTENT EFFORTS.

It also requires creative efforts. No one will be persuaded to take seriously, and invest precious time and effort into the idea that the state has been lying to everyone for 75 years about the true nature of the income tax, if nothing but that is said to them.

But even hardened skeptics WILL be persuaded if you-- each and every one of you in your thousands upon thousands-- draw upon this and this and this and this and especially this in applying your best efforts to write and send messages to persuade.

DON'T MIX MESSAGES in writing your persuasive letters or emails! There is nothing but harm in adulterating the 100% scholarly CtC revelations with any other content, even content you might 100% believe to be just as true (and with which I might also agree).

Even though I maintain a robust, utterly persuasive, and, I believe, completely correct page on the fact that the "official" story about 9/11 is nonsense on stilts, I would never include a reference or allusion to 9/11 in a persuasive letter inviting someone to put his or her skepticism on hold and open up to learning something remarkable, important and unexpected about the income tax. I don't know that person's beliefs about 9/11, and frankly, as much as it can be proven that the "official" story is not true, so far nothing whatever can be proven as to what really happened.

CtC is completely different. Every single assertion in CtC is nothing but a fact, easily proven by simply reading the relevant statutes and the historical records, not to mention by the ten-years-and-more of reluctant but steady acknowledgments of the accuracy and completeness of those facts by government agencies across the country-- admissions that never would be made in the first place, and more, never repeated, were they not compelled by what CtC reveals about the tax and the law.

That is how CtC must be presented to others: A simple product of scholarship, beyond skepticism by virtue of its demonstrably-accurate research and conclusions. Any and all of its demonstrably-accurate research and conclusions welcome any challenge or test.

Any and all of CtC's demonstrably-accurate research and conclusions are distinguished and emphasized by the concerted effort of the executive and a corrupt judiciary to evade them by any means necessary, including behavior as demonstrably and unambiguously corrupt and invalid as the facts it seeks to evade are demonstrably and unambiguously correct.


You might want to just do a "Burma-Shave" routine, sending one fact presented in this study, and the evidence proving it, to the same recipients each day over a week or two. Then send a bullet-point list of everything you have shown and a link to this page.

DO NOT try to explain the facts, or the implications from the facts. Just present them.

SHOW your correspondent that the 1939 IRC preamble flatly states that the laws it reflects go back to 1862, long before the 16th amendment. Include the .pdf here by which this is proven. Say no more about it.

SHOW your correspondent that the current IRC is the same. Include the .pdf here by which this is proven. Say no more about it.

SHOW your correspondent that the income tax is an excise, and what that means by sending this .pdf, and perhaps this one, as well. SHOW your correspondent that the income tax cannot apply to the subjects of a capitation (and what that means) by sending THIS .pdf.

SHOW your correspondent that the 16th amendment changed nothing and merely restored the application of the tax to taxable gains in the form of rents and dividends as had been the case pre-Pollock, by sending this .pdf.

And so on, finishing with a bullet-point list of all that you have shown, and a link to this page.


Perhaps send those evasions, too, as a series of "Why would a court...?" or "Why would the Department of Justice...?" questions, one a day. No explanations or answers to the questions-- let them do their own work. Again, finish with a bullet-point summary at the end and a request that your correspondent use his or her common sense and add it all up.

Or do something different. Use YOUR creativity.

THERE ARE A COUPLE OF SOURCES OF MEDIA CONTACT INFORMATION here and here. I have no real idea of how accurate this information is. Please test it with your wake-up calls, and share with me any others of which you know or become aware.

Use the phone book, other internet resources, or any other means you can think of to get your messages to every journalist and every legal professional out there. Make full use of the corrupt behaviors of the courts, in the simplest and starkest terms possible-- even after the revelations of the Orwellian FISA court contortions, many folks still imagine that the federal courts remain honest arbiters of what is true or lawful, and will do so until the dishonest and lawless behavior of those courts in service to the executive branch's war against CtC is plainly laid out before them.

THIS IS THE BATTLEGROUND, my friends. Please take your places upon it, and start fighting.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO IT!!! Never forget: You can't score the goal if you don't take the shot.

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do."

-Everett Hale (...and every other person who has ever deserved liberty...)


A New Flyer By Brian Harriss

Get this great new word-spreading tool as a printable .pdf here.


CtC Warrior Brian Harriss shares another great flyer

How Can the People Save America from its Present Decline?

By scrupulously obeying the tax laws, and obliging others with whom they exchange money and labor to do the same.

Obeying the Letter and Intent of the US internal revenue laws will:

  • Dramatically reduce the federal revenue from income taxes, thereby obliging the federal government to shift its revenue reliance to lawful non-protectionist import tariffs. This will result in a market equilibrium that will boost domestic manufacturing jobs and slow the import of low quality goods from southeast Asia.

  • Oblige the federal government to shift its revenue reliance to apportioned direct taxes, based on the states' respective populations, and restore a much-needed political accountability to federal spending decisions. (If you have been told by your CPA, accountant, or others that the federal income tax is a direct tax, excused from the apportionment requirement by the Sixteenth Amendment, then you have been lied to. All relevant legal authorities, case law, IRS commissioners, and the internal revenue statutes at large clearly show that the federal income tax has always been an indirect tax. More specifically, it is an excise tax on certain privileged activity with a federal connection. For a detailed explanation with relevant legal citations, see losthorizons.com/The16th.htm)

  • Immediately result in an economic benefit for private citizens, who will be able to keep all earnings received in the private sector, while beneficiaries of federal privileges will continue to pay income taxes.

  • Improve the economic condition of each of the several state governments, as its private citizens, exercising their constitutional protections concerning their wealth, will be more able to sustain state-level programs that they wish to maintain. Simultaneously, this will improve the general freedom and liberty of private citizens, as the federal government will no longer be able to improperly take wealth from the citizens and offer it back to the state governments with liberty-crushing strings attached.

  • Result in more robust, productive domestic and local economies, as capital remaining in the private sector will result in an improved standard of living, more efficient investment of capital, and burgeoning economic growth.

  • Right-size the federal government, limiting it to the size that the founders intended so that it will protect inalienable rights, instead of trampling these rights.

If you enjoy and recognize the value and benefit of law and order in society, you think the government should obey the rules, and you appreciate the foundational laws that made America one of the most free and productive societies in history, then please do your part in learning how to uphold the law. Learn more at:


Click here to get this flyer as a .pdf and help save America by spreading it far and wide

Another New Outreach Tool!

THE EVER-PRODUCTIVE BRIAN HARRISS has shared a new outreach tool-- a simple printable flyer for distribution to co-workers and friends. As always, Brian makes persuasive and important points in simple terms accessible to everyone. Get the flyer in a single page version here, or in a larger font, front and back format here.

AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT the wake-up-to-the-lie consciousness-raising handout here...

"It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime."

-Thomas Paine


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'Scenes from my Hawaiian Vacation'


There is nothing you or anyone else can do that better serves the interests of all of us hoping for the restoration of liberty in our lifetimes than to calmly, patiently, and ceaselessly furnish others with opportunities to educate themselves. Pass out or sell copies of 'Cracking the Code-..' to anyone showing a willingness to read the book-- especially young people. Bear in mind that significant discounts are available starting with as few as 6 copies. Direct the more skeptical or apathetic to losthorizons.com, where their level of interest and education can be raised.

Focus special effort on those already engaged in political activism, regardless of their current cause. Direct the attention of activists on the tax issue who are pursuing the many dead-end (and often dangerous) misunderstandings that have plagued this subject to The Deniers Page Point out, to those who are active on other political or policy fronts, that seeking to restrain government by ANY means other than enforcing the Founder's structure of limitations and political accountability on government's access to resources is like trying to make a balloon smaller by squeezing it. In other words, an utterly futile effort.

In this latter regard, remember that while the "income" tax is the main, direct focus of 'Cracking the Code-..', the underlying legal structure which the book reveals is simply one of the concrete expressions of the fundamental jurisdictional limitations imposed by the Founders on the federal government (and the most elemental principles of law). These fundamental limitations, and legal principles, also inform and control every other aspect of the federal statutory structure. Thus, a widespread comprehension of the lessons of 'Cracking the Code-..' is a stake poised over the heart of every federal effort to get the bit between its teeth and run wild.

Share the "Income Tax Flow Chart" and the "Income Tax IQ Test" with everyone you know. Make and submit your own video testimony. Use the printable flyers and other materials available below.


A Nice New Out-Reach Tool

TOM BOTTARO, ChFC, HAS JUST PUBLISHED a new book, 'SECRETS of the Income Tax Code- What the IRS doesn't want you to know!' Tom's book is a nice, accessible drill-down on several key aspects of the tax. Find it here.

A Great Tool For Spreading The Word!

CtC Warrior Rusty Ragan has put together a great little piece titled 'FEDERAL INCOME TAX LAW IN A NUTSHELL'. This concise, four-page distillation of some of the key realities about the tax revealed in CtC will give any reader a quick, intriguing taste of the liberating truth-- leaving them with a hunger to learn more and to become part of the solution, rather than remain part of the problem.

Download this printable doc in pamphlet layout here (8 1/2" X 11" sheet format) or here (11" X 17" sheet format). Then do what Rusty's doing:

"Just this past weekend, I canvassed half my precinct, 240 homes, placing a copy of the small pamphlet(along with CampaignforLiberty's "No Bailout" document) on every doorknob with a rubber band. I plan on finishing the precinct this weekend (another 200+ homes), and getting massive copies out to the rest of my Ron Paul meetup friends for them to add to their canvassing packets."


More Tools For Spreading The Word!

CtC Warrior Karl Krahnke has crafted a "newsletter"-formatted, high-information flyer for printing and distributing; get it here! (This flyer needs to be printed on 8 1/2" x 14" paper for best results.)

CtC Warrior Greg Sutton has written up a nice little exposition on "excise taxes" that makes a fine handout with which to alert casual contacts to the fact that there's something they need to learn about the "income" tax. Download it here for printing and distribution.


Got A Website?

Here's a new scalable graphic to paste in and help spread the truth about the tax:

Those wanting a printable version of this graphic will find it here.

Or, you might prefer this pasteable, scalable image:

Here's another, and another, and another.


A Pocket-Sized Tool For Spreading The Word!

Virginia Warrior Robert Gegugeit has begun producing some excellent-quality, fully-laminated, rounded-corner playing-card-size handouts, a mediocre scan of which can be seen below (the sheen from the lamination makes some portions look faded in this image):

Robert has been producing and passing these out (and leaving them in public places, under windshield wipers, etc.) at his own trouble and expense, and will continue to do so. However, if you want to take part, Robert will send these out to those interested at 10 cents a piece in lots of 250 or 1000.

Send your money order donation of $25 or $100 to:

DIJN Ministries, P.O. Box 24289, Richmond VA 23224

(Be sure to specify CtC Handouts, and provide your return address.)


Liberty And The Law Are Job #1

Thus, I've made up a little item to help every freedom-loving business-owner spread the word-- an insert for placement in product packaging, mailers and flyers, and so forth. It's a simple, straightforward message:

This company is owned and operated by American citizens, and we take our civic responsibilities seriously. We're sure you do, too.

Therefore, we want to share some important information with you about a decades-old, widespread misunderstanding of a key element of law which dramatically affects the pocketbook of virtually every American, and the amount of power wielded by Washington over the rest of us. Please take a few moments and visit losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm to learn more about this oh-so-significant matter.

This .pdf file will output pages containing four of these inserts each, with cropmarks for easy separation.

And When You're Not At The Office...

CtC Warrior Steven Jones has designed a nice flyer for windshield placement, grocery store bulletin boards, and so forth. Download the .pdf here!


P. S....

For want of a nail a shoe was lost...


Don't fail or forget to send me scans of your victories, and vigorously encourage others to do the same!!!

I am aware that educated Americans are receiving refunds (and other confirmations of the truth) constantly-- but only a small minority of these victories are being sent to me for posting.

Some people are so excited at their success that they rush to deposit the check, and don't think to make a copy until afterwards when it is too late; others simply don't realize how meaningful the evidence of these victories and verifications are to their fellow Americans, and don't remember how important those previously posted had been to their own struggle to overcome the fear instilled in them over a lifetime before standing up and doing the right thing.


Send your evidence of the truth to me at phendrickson @ losthorizons.com (take the spaces out of this address to make it functional). If possible, scan checks in 24-bit RGB color at 300dpi, and black and white docs (such as 1040s, 4852s, refund notices and transcripts) at 300dpi in 8-bit grayscale. Please do your best to make the scans straight (not skewed). Save and send as .jpg files. If scans are not possible for some reason, tell me so by email and I'll offer alternative solutions.

(And do so as soon as you can! Don't delay, even for other expected victories. Send each as they are won-- checks and other evidence, and the filings that secured them. Although I hate to point it out, life is an unpredictable adventure, and it is given to none of us to know the future. Something could happen to any of us tomorrow, and it would be a shame if your fellows were denied the encouragement and inspiration of your victory because you delayed sharing it and then could not.)

By the way, even direct-deposit refunds can be posted, by way of your monthly statement entries, or a transcript from your bank. If you have RETAINED your own property by way of a CtC-educated proper filing and rebuttal of erroneous information, get a transcript of your 'account' status, calculate your savings, and share that victory, too!

I love and respect everyone that has joined me in standing up for the rule of law, but doing it in hiding is only doing it halfway! I know that the reasons for failing to send scans that I have given above are true of some-- but others have simply been intimidated into silence.

If YOU stay silent and in the shadows, THE BAD GUYS WIN.



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