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Darrell Williams


CtC Warrior Darrell Williams-- whose refund last autumn of $3,785.00 seized by federal "levy" was accompanied by a letter declaring that despite the return of his money, the government's records still indicated that he owed over $14,000 in unpaid taxes (see www.losthorizons.com/tax/Misunderstandings/AllUpperCase.htm)-- has received a formal acknowledgement that although he earned over $26,000.00 during 2004, his total amount of "income" received during that period was only $36.00.  Darrell has generously shared the relevant documents:






It will be noticed that the technician who processed Darrell's return thoughtfully corrected what he or she mistook for an error in Darrell's computation of his 'taxable income' figure.  Darrell had arrived at a negative $1513.79 on line 42 of his 1040-- and had indicated it properly (<1513.79>)-- but this technician failed to understand the meaning of the brackets, and took this as a positive number.  Doing THIS part of his or her job properly, the tech noted the "error" on the summary notice and "corrected" the figure to zero.


On the other hand, it will also be noticed that Darrell has been treated to the same obnoxious ploy regarding the "income" taxes collected under the name of 'Social Security' and 'Medicare' (a purely cosmetic distinction) which is discussed at www.losthorizons.com/tax/CanAnyoneSay.htm.  So, this one's not over yet.  Nonetheless, I'm confident that I'll be posting Darrell's refund check for this year before too long...