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Even The Corrupt Efforts To Prop Up The Scheme Reveal The Liberating Truth

Faced with a growing army of Americans who have read-- and have resolved to uphold-- the law, the Internal Revenue Service has taken to experimenting with various creative and corrupt ploys intended to persuade the newly upright into resuming a four-legged and submissive posture.  So, while the overwhelming majority of readers of 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America' who have claimed refunds of money erroneously withheld by the federal government for "income" taxes have simply gotten it back, Social Security and all, a few have faced delays or discouragements of one kind or another.

Judging from the way these speed-bumps play out, it appears the 'service' hopes that by dragging out and complicating the refund process, many Americans who previously allowed themselves to be victimized out of ignorance will now lie still for their exploitation just to spare themselves the trouble of obliging the government to obey the law.  The contempt informing these efforts is matched only by the corruption with which they are implemented.

However, these efforts are futile.  Even if all that was at stake was the money, most Americans wouldn't suffer themselves to be ill-used; but what's at stake is vastly more significant than money.

For one thing, 4 out of every 5 dollars-worth of wealth taken from the hands of those who created it no longer simply denies that creator the benefit of his or her own sweat, stress, and irreplaceable time.  In the hands of what has grown to be an insufferably arrogant, deeply corrupt Leviathan of a state, that wealth is turned against the very creators to whom it belongs-- being used to extort policy concessions from their state and local governments; to finance bloody adventures abroad; to pay for the miseducation and indoctrination of their children; to subsidize their politically-favored business competitors; and to underwrite the explosive growth of a bureaucratic hive whose mission is the complete regulation of all aspects of every American's life.

More importantly, the tax, as presented by its beneficiaries to those ignorant of the details of its limitations, defies the clear language of the Constitution, and the fundamental principles of jurisdiction.  Thus, it acts to obscure, confuse, and ultimately erode, the essential pillars of the rule of law.  We Americans, blessed above all other peoples of any time and any place with a unique and priceless heritage of liberty and rightful law, will not stand by like frightened children and watch that heritage be eaten away.

Indeed, even while ignorant of the law's actual words-- and thus having to settle for simple, defiant non-cooperation with which to express themselves (a well-meant but unfortunately counter-productive practice having the opposite effect of the one intended) -- MILLIONS of Americans have routinely braved the threats, curses, hassles, dangers, and hardships attendant upon resisting the income tax as it is misrepresented by its client-beneficiaries.  As reported by Natwar Gandhi, Associate Director, Tax Policy and Administration Issues to Margaret Milner Richardson, then Commissioner of Internal Revenue, in a May 13, 1996 GAO report:

"At the beginning of fiscal year 1993, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had an inventory of about 10 million known individual and business nonfilers.

I can say with confidence that that number has since grown.  Further, the IRS admits that at least 1,500 American companies refuse to withhold taxes from the earnings of their workers; a Congressional study estimates that the actual number is 7,500.  Now that the legal limits of the withholding protocol have been revealed, this number can be expected to explode.

So, the tax-and-spend state's desperate efforts to pacify its food supply will founder.  In fact, they will backfire.  In seeking to hinder the lawful claims and filings of Americans who have now read the fine print in the federal revenue laws, the government's agents are unavoidably demonstrating the significance of that fine print, and highlighting the inaccuracy of their own presentments.

Over the many years since the first reluctant acknowledgements of the accuracy of CtC were wrested from the IRS, we have seen a long series of different contrivances seeking to discourage or dodge lawful, educated claims and filings. In NOT ONE have the government and its agents disputed, or even challenged, the legitimacy of the legal position on which these filings and claims are based.

Instead, the government has deliberately and obviously misinterpreted these claims; responded to them with vague threats and bluster; and resorted to "The dog ate my homework" excuses of not having received them at all. It has even gone so far as to acknowledge that a filer received no "income", returned SOME of his money, and yet propose to keep the rest without explanation.

I dearly hope that those reading these words who remain in denial of what is presented in 'Cracking the Code- ...' will take the trouble to carefully and thoroughly study the IRS notices, letters and forms presented at the links below, along with the responses of the Americans to whom they are directed, and the associated commentaries.  Some will find it necessary to review CtC in order to understand what they are seeing; others will simply have to acknowledge that evidence which contradicts even a long and deeply held belief is still evidence, while a belief clung-to in the face of contrary evidence is just a delusion.

Those blessed with a public voice, and who have been furnished with a copy of 'Cracking the Code-...' but have remained silent, should devote particularly focused attention to this material.  You must overcome the automatic resistance to disruptions of the status quo which is perversely attendant upon the achievement of stature.  Your voices are especially important now.  I remind you all that upon being made aware of the truth an honest but mistaken man either ceases to be mistaken, or ceases to be honest.  By the twentieth or twenty-fifth repetition, a bewildered but stubborn "Oh, this is just some kind of SNAFU..." begins to ring pretty hollow.


As you read through the case studies linked below, compare the weaseling ambiguities and studied mischaracterizations you will see in the government's expressions to private citizens with the straightforward, blunt declarations in the following two notices, which were sent to folks whose earnings the government had a hand in, and which actually ARE subject to the "income" tax:




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