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More Victories For The Rule Of Law- Page Eleven

Tens of thousands of readers of 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America' have taken control of their own resources, in accordance with, and respect for, the law. The likely total amount reclaimed by these good Americans so far is upward of several billion dollars.


A few of these good American men and women-- such as those honored below-- are generous enough to send me the evidence of their victories in upholding the law, for the edification and inspiration of everyone. At the moment those shared refund checks, closing notices, and so forth total:



Brian Farmer




These resulted from an amended 2004 return, on which the IRS helpfully corrected a minor arithmetic error, reducing Brian's refund by 14 cents...



THESE resulted from original returns...


And this one is from another amended return.



Joseph C.



Click here to see the return associated with this direct-deposited refund.


Click here and here to see Joseph's other victories



Bryan & Liz Morton






Audrey Thompson



Click here to see the docs associated with this refund



Jessica _



Click here to see the docs submitted to claim this refund



Charles Radcliffe




Justin and Beverly _



See Justin's 2006 federal victory here.



Mike Davis



Christian Guibert

This reduction of assessment from $8670 to $0.00 resulted from the filing of an amended return


John T.


John had been a non-filer for years.  The IRS, acting on the basis of thus-unchallenged "information return" testimony, had calculated a tax for John for 2002, and had simultaneously asked two different parties in possession of property belonging to John for the total amount calculated.  Each of these parties, not knowing about the other, complied with the request; each turned over more than $7000.00 of John's property to the government.  Then, John got educated and filed a return containing HIS testimony.  Without a further word, John received notification that he owed no tax, his alleged liability was zeroed out, and all penalties and interest were canceled-- and two checks refunding all of his seized property.






_ Carter



This is a complete refund of everything Carter claimed out of what was withheld from him during 2005 and given to the federal government against a possible tax liability.  This isn't, unfortunately, a complete refund of EVERYTHING withheld.  As Carter reports, "I was filing close to the April 15 deadline and became unsure as how to handle the SS section of 4852, so just gave that to them.  Looking at it now, it seems clear that I didn't receive any Social Security or Medicare wages, but money was withheld against those non-existent wages.  I'm better prepared for next year!"  Just so.



Sarah Wellman




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Even in the face of the requirements of the law, the junkyard dog still tries to play its losing hand occasionally. Ironically, it is these sporadic spasms of resistance that offer the most telling evidence of the truth about the tax...


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Despite the fact that those whose victories are on display here did nothing but insist that the law be applied as it is written, they did so in the face of fearful threats and cunning disinformation from the beneficiaries of corruption.  Their actions took great courage and commitment, and I salute them all.  


“God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.”

-Daniel Webster


NOTE: Whether any given individual is entitled to a refund depends on a number of different factors, and no one should presume that they are so entitled simply because they see that others are.  Each person should educate himself or herself about the particulars of the law, and make his or her own determination in this regard.


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NOTE: The documents displayed on this and any linked pages, and any associated comments, are posted with the permission and cooperation of the upstanding Americans with whom they are concerned. 

When a return is posted in connection with any refund or other responsive document, it is complete-- that is, what is posted is EVERYTHING filed as a return in connection with that refund or document, unless otherwise indicated.