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The IRS Response To America's First-Ever Knowledgeable Claim For A 100% Refund



The $10,152.96 which this notice acknowledges as an overpayment to be refunded to my wife and I is the total of every penny withheld in more-or-less the standard fashion from the salary paid me by a company for which I worked in 2002. (That is to say, improperly and without regard to my protest, but only out of the ordinary in that the IRS had taken it upon themselves to request that the company withhold from me at a particular rate). It includes, of course, every penny withheld for Social Security, Medicare, etc..

The return which resulted in this notice and refund can be seen here.

NOTE (just for your entertainment): The IRS subjected this first CtC-educated filing (and our next one, too) to intense scrutiny before issuing the refunds for each. In fact, the agency and the DOJ were trying to have me enjoined from publishing CtC during that same period.

As the information I shared in that book began to spread and more and more Americans began getting their own complete refunds, this was all comically lied-about in a contrived complaint filed in federal court alleging that those refunds were made by an inattentive tax agency and were all a big mistake. See that story here.