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HAVE YOU EVER SEEN actual black-and-white trial transcript evidence of a DoJ attorney and a federal judge outright lying to a jury? See it here.

How about a formal declaration by a federal judge falsely ascribing an argument to a book which the judge was later forced to admit she had never read? See it here.

Here's one more: What about an unprecedented criminal trial jury instruction that it is not a defense to a charge of contempt of court that the order resisted was unlawful or unconstitutional, even though that is absurd on its face and the statute making contempt criminal expressly reads: "...Disobedience or resistance to its lawful writ, process, order, rule, decree, or command." (18 U.S.C. 401(3); emphasis added)? See that instruction here.

These unique acts of corruption have all been committed in furtherance of a relentless effort by the federal government since 2003 to suppress the information in a book which the government finds extremely inconvenient (and you can see more, if you like, here). Please read the whole story below (while forgiving any snarkiness you might detect throughout-- I've been the target of abuse, lies and smears for all those years as part of that suppression effort, and it has had some effect on my attitude).


The Crime Of The Century

When they're trying so hard to pull the wool over your eyes, maybe it's to hide something you should be trying extra hard to see...


NOTE: With only a couple of obvious exceptions (mostly in the beginning), links in the following article are to trial transcripts, government records and notices and other documentation of similar weight proving the assertion being made. It is recommended that you click on all of them. And don't miss the end-notes.

IN 2006, CORRUPT ELEMENTS in the United States Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service and federal judiciary began the commission of a grave crime directly affecting a few folks in Michigan, but aimed at all of America. Here's the story.

Three years earlier, in 2003, a book called 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About taxation In America' (CtC) had been published. The book reveals facts about the income tax long-buried in obscurity, but still fully relevant to the application of the tax.

By 2006, tens of thousands of American men and women had learned things from CtC that enabled them to lawfully stop paying the tax, and to recover everything withheld or paid-in in connection with the tax-- Social security and Medicare contributions included. Refund checks of every penny, with interest where appropriate, were arriving daily in American mailboxes across the country from federal and state treasuries alike.

The balance of power between the state and those who learned and acted on this information began to creakily shift back toward its traditional and Constitutionally-intended relationship-- the People large and in charge, with government as their servant.

Faced with a widening and otherwise unstoppable hemorrhage in government revenue and power resulting from the spread of this previously buried information about the income tax (which they saw as a problem), the corrupt conspirators in the executive and judiciary decided to abuse the powers of their offices in an effort to suppress the inconvenient information.

INITIALLY, THESE CORRUPT ACTORS had attempted to solve their problem by pretending the inconvenient information in CtC was wrong, that it fit the statutory standards for "promotion of an abusive tax shelter", and that it could be enjoined on that basis. During the first two years the book was in print these folks brought actions toward that end in several different courts, including those of Nancy Edmunds and Victoria Roberts in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

However, these contrived assaults failed. Each ended with a government motion for the dismissal of its own bogus suit. See documentation of these assaults and their collapses here.

During the course of these initial attacks on CtC, more and more Americans were receiving acknowledgements by the federal and state tax agencies of the accuracy of the book in the form of those complete refunds and in other ways, as well, such as agency surrenders on 'Notices of Deficiency', lien and levy releases, transcript acknowledgements, and so on.


NOW FOR MOST FOLKS, being repeatedly defeated in their initial series of bogus attacks on the accurate content of a book, however inconvenient that content might be to their ambitions, would be the end of the story. But some State operatives just can't abide not having their own way.

And after all, what is at stake here is trillions of dollars of wealth, and all the power that goes with it. Operatives in the State apparatus have gotten very accustomed to luxuriating in all that wealth and exercising all that power by exploiting the widespread ignorance of income tax law which the "inconvenient" revelations in CtC were curing in most everyone who read the book.

These corrupt government officials couldn't abide the thought of losing all that wealth and power and resuming the pre-1943 status of mere public servants in a governing apparatus that is a small fraction of its current bloated, arrogant, pampered and despotic size and significance. So, they stepped out into crime.

THE PERPS BEGAN THE NEW ASSAULT with a series of fraudulent claims in an unprecedented lawsuit complaint, served on the author of CtC and his wife four days before "tax day" in 2006. As its basis for being brought in the first place (something closely circumscribed under the law) the complaint asserted that the couple secured complete refunds of amounts withheld in 2002 and 2003 by catching the government napping.

The DOJ operatives responsible claimed that the government didn't know the couple had had earnings those years. They said the government wasn't really paying attention to those unique tax forms showing $0 in "wages" and thousands of dollars of withholdings, and just issued the refunds without thinking twice.

They said no official interest was piqued by the fact that the claims for refunds included Social Security and Medicare withholdings--something never before claimed or refunded in history. And they said this all happened by unconscious mistake despite the fact that these claims and refunds were made by, and to, the guy their agency had been simultaneously attempting to shut down with the bogus "abuse tax shelter promotion" assault discussed and documented above.

Needless to say, these "validating" assertions in the government's lawsuit complaint were flat-out lies. Evidence is hardly needed to substantiate this in light of the foregoing, but see the contradicting trial testimony eight years later by the DOJ hack whose signature appeared beneath these lies, and the voluminous government notices issued during the many months in which each of the purportedly "slipped-through-the-cracks" refund claims were examined and addressed, here.

Remember that among the documentation of the initial effort to suppress CtC at which you looked a moment ago is a summons issued by the IRS to the company at which Peter Hendrickson worked in 2002 and 2003, demanding all his payroll records well before the 2003 refund was issued.

Plainly, the returns in question were pored-over intensely before ultimately being acknowledged as being perfectly valid and correct. Plainly the refunds were issued by an IRS fully aware of what Peter and Doreen Hendrickson had been paid.

LYING ABOUT HOW THE REFUNDS WERE MADE wasn't enough, of course. There had to be an allegation of taxes owed. So, another big lie was called for.

For the fraudulent allegation that the couple had earned tax-related "income" and owed taxes, the DOJ conspirators produced what was purported to be an IRS "Examination Report" saying this, and entered it into the record of the case. But anyone who actually read the accompanying "declaration" of the anonymous "preparer" (who admitted to be using a fake name for some unexplained reason) would discover that in fact, no actual examination had been made.

So, both the assertion that the refunds were made in error and that the couple actually owed tax were fraudulent. Instead, the evidence shows that the educated filings reclaiming everything withheld and determining that no tax-relevant "income" had been received (other than the interest and dividend gains shown on the returns) were correct in every respect and actually undisputed as such.

BUT THE LIES ABOUT ERROR AND TAX LIABILITY were just the window-dressing part of the show. All the foregoing was heinous, to be sure, but the real purpose of the whole affair was in no way the mere illegal imposition of the income tax against this one couple, and the recapture of their measly $20,000.

The real purpose of the schemer's "lawsuit" was the delivery of a giant lie to the American public in order to prevent more people from reading CtC and learning the individual-empowering, state-restraining truth about the real nature and application of the income tax.

So, in addition to the fraudulent assertion that the couple's returns and claims were "false", there was another assault on the truth in the contrived "complaint". This other assault involved two components.

One of these real-purpose-of-the-lawsuit components was a mendacious assertion that CtC makes the absurd claim that "only federal, state and local government workers are subject to the income tax". See that lie (and another that the book argues that "wages are not income") acknowledged, and repeated, here. (And if you haven't read CtC for yourself yet, see rebuttals of those lies by folks who have, here. Also, see well over a thousand examples of the hundreds of thousands of occasions in which the federal and state governments have acknowledged that what the book DOES say is perfectly correct, here.)

These lies about what appears in CtC are used as grounds for a "finding" that the book is "false and frivolous"-- by a judge who never actually read it. This "finding" of hoary old "tax protestor" arguments allegedly within CtC is then used to smear the book in a general propaganda campaign among tax professionals, and to characterize the returns which produced the refunds that are the purported focus of the lawsuit, and which are declaredly in keeping with what is found in CtC, as "frivolous" and "false".

Truly an Orwellian kind of corruption and deceit.

THE OTHER "KEEP AMERICANS IN THE DARK AND IN THE YOKE" component of the conspirators' "lawsuit" ploy was a request for two unprecedented, grossly speech- conscience- and due-process-rights-violating injunctions from the court.

By one of these requested injunctions the author of CtC and his wife would be ordered to repudiate their freely-made declarations of belief concerning the taxable character of their earnings. Instead, they would be forced to falsely declare-- over their own signatures-- that they believed that all their earnings are taxable.

By the other, the couple would be threatened with a "contempt-of-court" charge if they ever testified in a fashion the conspirators didn't like in a future tax-related matter. (It would be pretended that any disfavored testimony on a tax form was based on the notions they had falsely ascribed to CtC.)

Never before in American history have the contents of a book been the subject of a deliberate misrepresentation in a formal legal filing by government officials.* Never before in American history have government officials asked a court to dictate the content of anyone's testimony, or hang a threat over anyone should they testify in ways the officials don't like in the future.

Of course, you would think that the judge presiding over this "lawsuit" with its bogus documents and assertions, and plainly lawless and unconstitutional requests would throw it out while holding her nose, and sanction, if not propose criminal charges against, those responsible... Unfortunately, you'd be wrong.

Instead, Judge Nancy Edmunds joins the assault on the law and the truth, and becomes party to this monstrous crime against the American public. Without so much as a single hearing, and without ever reading CtC, she ignores the couple's demand for a jury trial and simply signs a "judgment" written entirely by the DOJ operatives.

Unsurprisingly (it having been written by the plaintiff), Edmunds' "judgment" makes "judicial findings" of every single assertion in the complaint. It also includes the rights-gutting, law-defying injunctions, as well. See them here.

NOW THE CONSPIRATORS are off to the races. National press releases are issued trumpeting CtC's "defeat in court". Government trolls begin creating websites touting the "judicial findings" and doing everything possible to spread the lies. The "tax honesty" communities on the net are infected with the lies, which therefore take hold in the alt-media community. The "tax-trouble remediation" industry is especially well-dosed with this Kool-Aid.

In every way they can think of, those behind this conspiracy have been working feverishly for years now to prevent the American public from realizing the liberating truth about the broadly-loathed but equally-broadly misunderstood income tax. They have been working equally hard to intimidate those who know the truth into relinquishing their rights to speak freely and to assert and defend their interests in legal contests over whether or not they are liable for any tax.

And yet, all the while, Americans across the country who aren't so stupid as to take on faith anything chucked-up by government officials (especially anything which, if other than how the officials portrayed it, would threaten the power and perks of those same officials)-- and have actually read CtC and know what it REALLY says-- continue to demand and receive all their improperly-collected money back and to shut down efforts to misapply the tax to their non-federal-privilege-connected earnings.

Every single one of those now hundreds of thousands of refunds and other effective implementations of what CtC REALLY says happen only after thorough vetting by the government. Occasional resistance by the government to claims made by CtC-educated American men and women end in government surrender to the truth.

SO, THERE YOU HAVE THE CRIME of the century-- which is not what's been done to Pete Hendrickson, the author of CtC, or his wife, Doreen. Those two have certainly been the victims of crimes (see here and here), and these vicious crimes continue to this day (and deeply threaten the rights of every single American). But the crime of the century is not against them.

The crime of the century-- the really BIG crime-- is against YOU, and your children. It is YOU who are being deliberately and systematically lied to, for the specific purpose of keeping you in ignorant subjugation to an exploitative scheme by which corrupt elements of the political class, their cronies and their clients have been fleecing you for vast amounts of wealth throughout your entire life.

Pretty heinous, isn't it? Are you going to stand for it?


NOTE: The US Department of Treasury has never treated Judge Nancy Edmunds' judgment in the fraudulent lawsuit discussed here as valid. Nonetheless, that "judgment" was presented as witnessless evidence against Peter Hendrickson in his 2009 trial on charges that he doesn't really believe what he has written in CtC, and was used as a pretext for charges against Doreen Hendrickson for allegedly-criminal resistance to the orders it included.

NOTE II: It should be kept in mind going forward that every adverse, scary or scornful thing you've ever heard about CtC has come from the minds, mouths and hands of the same folks whose frauds are documented above, or is based on their efforts. Those folks have been struggling hard since 2003 to keep you from realizing that the actual legitimate institutional responses to CtC are what you see here, and to keep you from thinking about what you will find here.

NOTE III: In addition to all the foregoing, the IRS has for years practiced an elaborate, corrupt hoax concerning so-called "Frivolous Return Penalties" as part of its effort to discourage readers of CtC. Learn the details here. Recently the IRS, Office of Chief Counsel and a Tax Court judge have been caught in what the evidence indicates to be a forgery and perjury scheme committed as part of that hoax project  Learn more about that here.