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The Deferential Disease

"A free people claim their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate"

-Thomas Jefferson

IN HIS SERIES OF WRITINGS on what he aptly names the Sacred Non-Aggression Principle, libertarian philosopher, activist and author Brian R. Wright coined a compelling and important term: The Power Sickness.

Wright uses the term in reference to violators of the non-aggression principle-- people who act to satisfy their own interests by the forced subordination of others. The class includes "officials" who act under the guise of necessities of "state", complete with intellectual apologists defending their crimes, as well as those of humbler appetites and demeanor, such as rapists, murderers and purely private protection-racketeers.

Such men and women are infected with the Power Sickness, by which they are made depraved and unfit for any position of trust or honor while simultaneously being drawn to positions of authority.

TODAY I WANT TO ADD a related term to the lexicon: The Deferential Disease. This is the ailment under the influence of which some people resort-- like little children-- to the authority of others in matters of conscience and law, knowledge and belief.

Sufferers of the Deferential Disease are those to whom a declaration by an "authority figure" trumps, and, in fact, renders mute and invisible, any evidence to the contrary. Deferential Disease victims thus are the natural prey of officials with of the Power Sickness. The latter need simply declare what they wish believed by those they would rule and exploit, and the former will defer with a minimal amount of fuss.

THERE IS NO BETTER EXAMPLE of the Deferential Disease at work than the modern "income tax" scam. Reliant entirely on false mythology, the scam persists today solely by virtue of the Deferential Disease.

For more than a decade the entire unambiguous, easily-presented and easily-accessible body of historical and legal evidence which exposes the scam and reveals the true nature of the tax has been available for study, in a simple ten-age primer here, and more comprehensively here and here. Every person with an interest-- and everyone has an interest in any proposition by which up to half their productive output is said to be claimable by someone else-- has been able to look for themselves at what the law says.

For more than a decade anyone who cared to try has had ample opportunity to challenge or dispute any of that truth-revealing, lie-exposing evidence. Every person with an interest in the tax has been able to look for, and weigh the implications of, any such challenge, or lack thereof.

But those with the Deferential Disease simply don't look. Instead, they inexplicably assume goodness and integrity in people in authority (who, more often than not, are people of the Power Sickness) and ask them what the Deferentials should believe is true.

Conditioned into the grip of their illness by a lifetime of manipulation, those suffering from the Deferential Disease don't even entertain the thought that those to whose words they defer have interests of their own. What they are told is then just accepted without a thought and with the complete subordination of their own intellectual liberty and integrity to whatever they are told.

Liberating truths about the law, and damning exposures of corruption and exploitation, go entirely unremarked in a complete surrender of sovereignty by citizen to the state. What is the meaning of "self-government" or "government by the People" in the case of a person who defers to declarations regarding the limits and meaning of the law by those the Constitution is designed to subordinate? As Jefferson observes,

“To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions (is) a very dangerous doctrine indeed and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”

-Thomas Jefferson

In short, and more bluntly, anyone who fails to read the law and related material for him- or herself and instead relies on any expression or behavior of state actors or anyone else as the source of his or her own opinions or conclusions is raging with the fevered dementia of Deferential Disease. These sufferers should be pitied, and they should be cured, through vigorous insistence by their wiser friends and correspondents to READ THE LAW THEMSELVES!

"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."

-U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson

THERE'S ANOTHER ASPECT of the Deferential Disease which I will call the "Scarecrow Strawman". This is the expression of the disease by which state assaults on those urging the people to view evidence for themselves are taken as indicators of the veracity of the evidence in question.

In such cases the diseased defer to the state's disapproval as the metric by which the evidence in question can be judged, again without that evidence ever being personally examined. Those of the Power Sickness have long understood that beating on whoever reveals disfavored information will cause those of the Deferential Disease to assume the beating is a soundly-based punishment for an actual wrongness in the revelations.

Thus, back in the day, Galileo was convicted of a crime and imprisoned for the last eight years of his life for publicizing and providing support for the Copernican understanding of the cosmos. Galileo was right, of course, but courts are often tools of the state, and merely being right is not an impenetrable shield against corruption.

Thus, too, William Tyndale, was strangled and burned at the stake for translating the Bible from generally-incomprehensible Latin into English. Thus, Edward Snowden was forced to flee the country lest he be thrown in prison á la Chelsea Manning and others who similarly exposed massive crimes by the military, the NSA and other state agencies. Thus, I have been smeared and assaulted relentlessly since 2003, and lately my wife as well.

All of these assaults by the state are conducted for the same purpose-- to entice those who defer to authority in lieu of their own study of the evidence to assume the rightness of the assault and the wrongness of what is assaulted. They are the setting up of a strawman-- the whistleblower personally-- as a target, in the knowledge that his arrow-pierced body will serve as a scarecrow chasing off the eyes of those afflicted by the Deferential Disease from the real issue: what the whistleblower has revealed.

You can imagine how disturbing it is whenever I hear from someone asking why the evidence I point to should be examined, in light of the state's attacks on me (and how especially galling that is considering that the fraudulent character of those attacks is easily and thoroughly demonstrated to any eyes that actually look)...

ALTHOUGH MUCH MORE COULD BE SAID about the Deferential Disease, I will close this commentary with only one further observation: Silence in the face of the state's false myths and its promotion of fears and misunderstandings is also an expression of the disease.

Indeed, such silence is the worst and most harmful deferral of authority to the state. It is a deferral of control over the public perception of reality to those of the Power Sickness, and in an age of state power such as we live with today, control over public perception is control over you and I.

Those who know the truth must take a stool at the lunch-counter, sitting straight and proud. They must sit down in the front of the bus. They must nail their 95 challenges to the cathedral door.

Those who know the truth must become an academic force, injecting medicine into the public forum by sharing and teaching what is found here and here and here and here, and other informational resources assembled here. If those who know the truth don't stand and speak and denounce and defy, the lies win, the truth fades and liberty dies.

Be the cure, not the disease.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.