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The Remarkable Redemption of Chet and Valerie West's 2001 1040


Chet and Valerie West have received a response to their claim for refund related to 2001 that is unparalleled in its demonstration that what is taught in 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America' is the simple and complete truth about the law, however astonishing that truth may seem to those who have suffered a lifetime of propaganda to the contrary by those who benefit from widespread misunderstanding.  This is a must-see, especially for those who continue in a state of denial about any aspect of the "income" tax scheme.


Chet and Valerie had submitted a timely 'conventional' return for 2001-- that is, one which generally reflected the abovementioned misunderstanding-- with the single deviation being the addition of the words "Under Duress" over the perjury statement on the return, with a reference to a related attachment.  By then, the Wests had learned enough to know that something wasn't right about the "income" tax as commonly understood, even though they had not yet learned the truth.


As has been the experience of others similarly inclined to refrain from total and abject surrender by means of this particular expression, Chet and Valerie were promptly informed that their return was invalid and considered un-filed.  There is nothing extraordinary about that consequence-- it is well established by the courts that anything which compromises the validity of the perjury statement on a return, such as an expression indicating that the certification of the truth and accuracy of the information on the return is not freely made, renders the return null and void.  Continuing its routine practices, the IRS proceeded to compute taxes due for the Wests, treating them as separate filers and arriving at a tax due of $14,526.90 just for Chet alone, part of which was a $2,218.50 failure-to-file penalty.  As recently as this past October, Chet and Valerie were being steadily harassed in connection with their 2001 return.  And then, suddenly, everything changed.


You see, in December of last year, having read 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America' and learned the truth, Chet and Valerie filed a new return for 2001.  This time, no alterations were necessary to their perjury statement, for Chet and Valerie are perfectly comfortable with the truth, correctness, and completeness of their return, which now demands a refund of $14,915.00 erroneously withheld.  So, what is the IRS response to this new filing?

Dear Mr. and Mrs. West:

Thank you for your Form 1040, dated April 5, 2002,... We have accepted your return and are initiating the closing of your audit.


Any port in a storm, eh?  But I'm afraid the government's remarkable change of course comes just a bit too late...


Click here to see the documents associated with the government's remarkable attempt to dodge the inconvenient requirements of the law in this case.  (Be patient, this is a big file.)


Chet and Valerie's experience is just the latest in a steady stream of hard data, all of which support what is exclusively taught in 'Cracking the Code-...'  Those persisting in denial should take heed, and act to preserve their dignity.  An honest but mistaken man, once show the truth, either ceases to be mistaken, or ceases to be honest.


UPDATE!! (And a Beaut!)

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