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Submissions Guidelines

Articles submitted for consideration of inclusion in the Lost Horizons Newsletter must conform to the following guidelines, which may change at any time without notice, and which do not constitute any promise-to-publish.  Publication of any submitted material is solely at the discretion of the Newsletter editor:


Subject matter:


1. Material identifying the Constitutionally limited scope of governmental authority in America-- either that of the federal government or of any particular state; and/or revealing the manner in which Constitutional limits are implemented in the written law.


2. Material correcting popular misunderstandings related to public policy.


(In either of these two cases, the more incorrect the common view of the subject, or the more pernicious the effect of misunderstanding, the greater will be the interest in the article.  Further, these submissions must be scholarly in nature-- that is, devoid of assumptions, supported by suitable documentation when making assertions of fact other than the obvious or widely-known, and persuasively reasoned and presented. Finally, articles relevant to current editorials and other material featured in the newsletter at the time will be very much favored for publication)


3. Testimonials of CtC-inspired victories on behalf of the rule of law.


All articles must be coherently written, and structured with an introduction, a body of argument, and a conclusion.  I'm not requiring prize-winning writing here, just basic, publication-suitable effort.


Lengths, Format and Sizes:


Maximum length of any article (exclusive of supporting documentation) is 1500 words-- shorter is better.


All articles must be submitted in an .htm format.


The preferred format for supporting documentation is .pdf.


A title should be provided for all articles.


All submissions must be original works, and must be signed with the full name of the author.

Send Submissions To:

newscritter 'at' losthorizons.com, with "Submission" in the subject line.

All submissions are potentially subject to editing.