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You'll find here a wonderful collection of inspirational pearls of wisdom from the great voices of liberty, which are available beautifully printed on premium calligrapher's parchment paper, watermarked with a fitting symbol of our heritage and ready to decorate your handsomest frame.

The quotations are organized by object or sentiment.  Choose from the headings below to browse a category and select the declarations that belong gracing your home or office, for the enrichment and inspiration of your family and friends. 

Browse the categories below and note the quotation(s) you like. Then email Pete at phendrickson (at) losthorizons.com with the item number(s) and category for a prompt quote (pun intended).


The Second Amendment

Regulations and Bureaucrats


On Liberty

On Tyranny

Thunder and Lightning


Don't forget to stop back often.   We'll be adding new categories and quotations regularly.  If you care to suggest an addition, e-mail us here.   While we may or may not incorporate a suggestion, we'll read them all with great interest.


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