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On Liberty


1. There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.

-P.J. OĺRourke (1993)


2. He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression.

-Thomas Paine (1795)


3. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.

-The Bible, II Corinthians 3:17


4. If you are not free to choose wrongly and irresponsibly, you are not free at all.

-Jacob Hornberger (1995)


5. Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others.

-William Allen White


6. Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’, because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

-Thomas Jefferson


7. Liberty is not a means to a political end. It is itself the highest political end.

-Lord Acton


8. Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women. When it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it.

-Learned Hand


9. I believe that every individual is naturally entitled to do as he pleases with himself and the fruits of his labor, so far as it in no way interferes with any other men’s rights.

-Abraham Lincoln


10. The whole of the Bill of Rights is a declaration of the right of the people at large or considered as individuals... It establishes some rights of the individual as unalienable and which consequently, no majority has the right to deprive them of.

-Albert Gallatin (1789)


11. I should have loved freedom, I believe, at all times, but in the time in which we live I am ready to worship it.

-Alexis De Toqueville


12. Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: first, a right to life; secondly, to liberty; thirdly to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can.

-Samuel Adams


13. Actually, the "price" we pay for civilization-- true civilization-- is nothing more, and nothing less, than the inconvenience attendant upon scrupulously respecting our neighbors' rights.

-Peter E. Hendrickson


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