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Welcome To The Lost Horizons National Forum...

...but I'm sorry to say it is now closed


My Friends,

I'm sorry to say so, but in some important respects this forum has become counter-productive over the course of the last few years. On balance, I believe it now does more harm than good.

My purpose in setting up the forum and maintaining it for what has been about ten years now was to give CtC-educated Americans a means of sharing inspiration, ideas and activist energy with each other by virtue of which they could more vigorously and effectively help spread CtC's liberating information. It was also meant to help the community help each member keep on the path of understanding what are sometimes complex concepts, and encourage each educated American in his or her individual actions on behalf of the rule of law.

However, in recent years the forum has become infected with trolls, silver-bullet fantasies and delusions about supposed missing pieces or hitherto unremarked "deep magic". It is now much more a means by which folks are diverted off the path of confident and productive activism and into useless, sidelining and often actively harmful cognitive bramble-patches instead, as well as a place to which some folks very unwisely resort for answers to questions in lieu of the more demanding but hugely more fruitful study of what is presented in CtC itself or on losthorizons.com.

The forum has also placed a demand on my time and attention which I cannot in good conscience divert from more important and productive activities, especially in light of its compromised character. In practical terms, the hierarchy of best use of my time has resulted in much-needed management and supervision of the forum being neglected.

Thus, at least until I have reason to believe that the considerations above no longer apply, this forum is closed. I thank everyone who participated in the spirit in which it was established.

Opportunities to dialogue remain readily available through the "comments" facility provided on both the newsletter and mid-edition update pages (http://losthorizons.com/Newsletter.htm  and http://losthorizons.com/MidEditionUpdate.htm). Plus, of course, everyone is strongly encouraged to join their state CtC forums. See http://www.losthorizons.com/NewsletterFeaturePage.htm#JAF to learn how.