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Operation Uki Goshi

Using the power of lies against the liars

THERE'S A PRINCIPLE BROADLY DEPLOYED IN JUDO that gives this martial art its lofty spiritual and practical stature. This principle can be summed up as: An adversary's aggression can be leveraged into a devastating application of counter-force by even a much smaller, but wiser, opponent.

One of the simple applications of this principle in the art of Judo is labeled "Uki Goshi". It is a throw in which the target is rotated over the thrower's hip.

Uki Goshi can be initiated by the one making use of it. More commonly though, Uki Goshi capitalizes on the movements of an adversary, whose aggressive acts offer his weight, balance and inertia for use as energy and opportunity to slap him to the ground on his back, hard.

Uki Goshi is one of the classic popularized judo moves. We've all watched scenes in movies in which an aggressor throws a punch and the judoka effortlessly steps into the attacker's movement, grabbing the punching arm, planting his own hip as a pivot, and converting the attacker's forward momentum into a fast ass-over-teakettle trip to the floor. That's Uki Goshi (or a variation thereof).

I WAS REMINDED OF UKI GOSHI during the oral arguments in Doreen's appeal. Members of the three-judge panel said things at one point or another which reflected the government's careful and deliberate misrepresentations about CtC.

These misrepresentations include things such as the false assertion that CtC claims the income tax is unconstitutional, or claims that "wages are not income" or claims that "only federal, state and local government workers are subject to the income tax", to give a few examples. See a couple of these false assertions actually made under oath by a DOJ attorney testifying in a trial in 2014 here.

 The misrepresentations have been deployed for years by the scamsters whose good thing is threatened by what CtC actually says. The false ascription to the book of nonsense that the "tax protestor" community has been flogging for decades is meant to encourage people-- especially other government officials and private professionals involved in tax-related businesses-- to imagine that CtC is just more of the same.

The idea of the false ascriptions is to encourage these targets to reflexively disregard CtC without examination to see what the book actually says. It is to encourage them to forego the harder work of conducting rigorous analysis of an argument or issue which can be associated with the book. These targets are encouraged to instead just take it for granted that were the trouble of such an analysis to be undertaken, there would come a point at which it would be discovered that one or another of these nonsense arguments lies as the basis for what is being analyzed.

SO, THE FALSE ARGUMENT-ASCRIPTIONS are a big part of the Big Lie effort to evade the people-liberating, state-restraining truth revealed in CtC. But lies are always two-edged swords. As long as lies stand uncontested, they serve the liar, but reliance on them makes the liar correspondingly more vulnerable to the truth, at risk of being much more exposed and rapidly defeated than had the lie never been told in the first place.

Just so, by hanging their hopes on these lies about what CtC says, the adversaries of the truth have generated an inertia which can be leveraged into a hard throw-down through a form of cognitive Uki Goshi. Showing that CtC actually DOESN'T say what the liars claim will raise the profile of the book and excite interest in verifying the book's contents by the very people the liars hope to mislead.

Further, exposure of the lies will raise in everyone's mind the very productive question of why it is that the defenders and beneficiaries of the status quo were so driven to lie about this particular package of information. Government officials lying about the content of a book is a very intriguing thing. It being done is as rare as hen's teeth, and it being done makes clear that what is ACTUALLY in the book scares those government liars quite badly.

OKAY, THAT'S THE INTRODUTION. Here's the project: I will compile a film from videos each of you make and send me, in which you simply declare certain specified truths about CtC that are selected to debunk the various specific lies told about it as part of the disinformation scheme.

The film will serve as an explicit rebuttal and rebuke of the falsehoods. At a minimum, it will raise the questions discussed above in general

The film will also equip each person ever facing the lies or reliance on the lies-- whether from friends and acquaintances, professional service-providers or government officials of any kind-- with firm footing and a powerful corrective response. Further, it will likely encourage many people to undertake a study of CtC and learn the liberating truth for themselves-- the sole process by which we will all reach a point at which that truth is no longer resisted in any institutional venue.

So get out your copy of CtC and your cell-phones, web-cams, or your digital cameras (any of these will do). Print this script guide (which is also shown below), or open it on your screen. Then just crank out and send me your one minute video. I'll do the rest.

(BTW... You don't need to read the script verbatim-- that's why it's called a "guide". But what you say shouldn't go into other areas than those in the guide, and should include each of those that are. Understand, this is neither a performance, nor a soapbox project. It is, rather, a very focused specialty project.)

Video Script Guide

Hi! I'm [your name]. I'm a [what you do] from [city], [state], and I want to tell you about a book, Cracking the Code- the Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America. [Hold up and display the book]

Somewhat to my surprise, this book showed me that the income tax is perfectly Constitutional.

What's more, and even more to my surprise, this book made clear to me that the income tax is actually a very desirable tax.

In fact, knowing what I know now, I firmly oppose any effort to abolish the income tax or replace it with any alternative tax system. Those boosting such proposals simply don't understand the existing tax.  [Pause briefly]

Another thing this book showed me is that wages ARE income subject to the tax, something a lot of folks have misunderstood over the years.

And it showed me that ANYONE can become liable for the tax, no matter where they live, what their citizenship might be, or what kind of work they do. I've learned that while not everyone DOES become liable for the tax, regardless of how much money they might earn, everyone is CAPABLE of doing things that make them liable. Whether you're a government employee or a private homemaker, and whether you're an American or a foreigner, and whether you live in Guam or Ohio or Paris, France, you can do things that make you subject to the tax.

This book showed me a great deal more than just these few things, of course, but this is enough to get me to this last point:

Reading this book proved to me that government officials are willing to lie to keep Americans from knowing truths those officials find inconvenient. Government officials have very deliberately and explicitly lied about each of the things I've just told you I learned from actually reading this book, instead of just listening to what someone else says about it.

Those officials have claimed that the book says the opposite of each of these things-- even in court filings and testimony, and even in rulings by judges. You'll understand why when you read the book for yourself, but I'm sure that even before that you'll recognize that the reason government officials would lie about the content of a book is NOT because they are trying to do something good for YOU. [Very brief pause]

Thanks for your time and attention. 

I hope every single one of you reading these words will take this project very seriously and participate quickly. This really will do a lot of good, as can be seen just by the fact that the liars have gone to the trouble they have. THEY know the power of the truth they struggle to suppress. YOU have to know it, and take action to capitalize on it, if you hope to enjoy its benefits.

What is needed to make this work is a BUNCH of witnesses attesting to the facts laid out above. One or two will do nothing. It's got to be LOTS, so its got to be YOU.

Finally, once you've made your video and sent it to me, post it on YouTube yourself, too. That'll also help a lot. Put something in the description directing viewers to losthorizons.com (or, if you have the skills, put it into the video itself).


HERE ARE A FEW early submissions that might help inspire those of you who are being slow to act:








NOW, WHERE IS YOUR VIDEO??!! Surely you are not going to play the shameful part of a "free rider"?

Please don't. That is so low... And so much good can be done by your participation!


P.S. If you aren't already familiar with the lies told by government officials about CtC, you can get a good introduction here.

P.P.S. ANY RATIONAL ASSESSMENT MAKES CLEAR that the CtC story is among the biggest in modern American history:

  • 13 years of previously unprecedented victories by Americans in opting out of the income tax, accompanied by complete refunds-- hundreds of thousands of them, totaling billions of dollars;

  • A concerted 13-year government effort on all levels to mislead Americans about the content of the information producing these astonishing, liberty-securing and state-restraining events-- even up to falsified judicial "findings" and threats of imprisonment to compel the researcher responsible for the information to repudiate his own work; and

  • The imprisonment of the researcher's wife for her own refusal to repudiate his discoveries and make government-dictated declarations of belief in state-serving myths she knows to be untrue instead.

And yet, despite my best efforts to capture media attention for years now, the media has completely ignored this story. Plainly, I am for some reason incapable of communicating with journalists.

So, I have to ask yet more of everyone else. Here is my plea:

SOMEONE reading these words MUST know journalists, or have ways of reaching them. Please figure out how YOU can be that someone, and reach some journalists.

We all want the benefits of the liberating information becoming widely known. That's only going to happen when bigger voices than mine start telling the story.

Please be creative and be resolved, and do all you can to help make that happen.