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"Judge Anna" And Bat-Sh*t Crazy "Birth Certificate" Drivel

A two-for-the-price-of-one debunking.

I GENERALLY DON'T WASTE MY TIME doing written debunkings of the scores of self-evidently lunatic notions infesting the "tax honesty" community and, more broadly, what we might call the "alt-wrong" community. By "alt-wrong" I mean folks who are as deeply misled and mistaken about the world in which they live as those who have drunk the mainstream Kool-Aid, but by way of a different flavor of BS.

Usually the craziness is so glaringly flawed as to require just a little common-sense parsing of its own language to justify dismissal, and I leave them to that remedy. Or the infection (that is, the notion's traction) is so slight as to not merit any attention at all.

BUT RECENTLY I was presented with an interesting exception: an "argument" that is glaringly flawed, for sure-- so much that even a little parsing is not needed. But it is also one which has secured a truly disturbing traction, having clung like a choking vine to the brains of a an astonishing number of folks over decades, keeping the sunshine from getting in.

This "argument" is the notion-- it makes me cringe even to say it-- that people become owned in some kind of legal sense by nefarious actors at the time of birth, through the strange mechanism that this "argument" alleges birth certificates to be.

THIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE LUNACY is part of a broad swatch of ludicrous notions all of which, I have long tentatively concluded, stem from (or are nourished by) Irwin Schiff's unfortunate mistake about the income tax falling only on "corporate profits". Believing this first error led to the reasoning that all those natural persons being afflicted with the tax must-- by some hidden process or rationale-- be legally deemed to be (or to be treatable as) "corporations", in a perfect example of the Garbage In, Garbage Out principle.

In turn this led to, or was fed by (and in any event is co-dependent upon) a variety of other crazy notions, such as that only the names of corporations can legally be rendered entirely in capital letters; that the income tax is citizenship-dependent; and probably the one about the Queen of England having bailed out the United States from a 1933 bankruptcy and gained ownership of the productive capacity of all Americans in perpetuity in exchange, too. (The history of all of these crazy ideas is tangled, and the supporting materials are so gibberish-laden that deriving a meaningful timeline or flowchart showing which was the chicken and which were the eggs would be far too onerous to be worth the candle).

I suspect that the crazy thinking behind misuses of the 1099-OID provisions in the law, and the "redemption" nonsense-- thanks to both of which a number of deliberate or duped people have found themselves in prison over recent years-- are also related to this birth certificate insanity. Further, aspects of this lunacy positing bizarre ideas about the nature of a person's name and how it should be rendered underlie some of the things I have felt compelled to warn folks about in the "Educated Filer's Checklist".

Further still, this crazy birth certificate nonsense, which involves in part a proposition that the application of the income tax rests on "citizenship", lends itself to the fixation by which some folks waste time and energy deciphering supposed false entries concerning citizenship and residency in their IRS Individual Master Files (IMFs). All told, not only is the "birth certificate" bat-shit crazy on its own, but its shadow contributes to darkness in a number of other areas, affecting even folks who have never heard of it.

SO, AS I SAID, this "birth certificate" craziness is something of an exception to the rules dictating my usual response to nonsense. It is both self-evidently crazy and yet persistent and distracting to an inordinately large number of people. Thus, I have felt compelled to post debunks of certain aspects of it in the past.

Apparently, though, my earlier efforts have not done the job, and today there is one other factor in play: what brought the "birth certificate" thing to my attention last week was a very plain exposition of this crazy idea by someone named Anna Von Reitz (who often calls herself "Judge Anna", though as near as I can tell she has never held any actual office).

Over the years I have seen many examples of distracting nonsense injected into circulation by this "Judge Anna", cluttering up the landscape through which truth- and knowledge-pilgrims must pass and making it a more tedious passage for some. Even self-evident nonsense competes for attention with sounder things, even if only fleetingly.

Thus, seeing an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and do some virtuous collateral damage as well, here is the wind "Judge Anna" recently passed into cyberspace (I've done some indicated editing of portions which are impressive in their gibberish quotient, but not relevant to the points I'm going to be making; anyone willing to suffer through the whole thing will find it here):

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Step By Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One

By Anna Von Reitz

There have been so many piteous outcries coming in from people who are totally confused or partially befuddled that I have once again faced the necessity of sitting down at my computer and.....

Step 1: Sit down and look at your "Birth Certificate" and understand what it is and how it functions.

It has two basic functions. First, it is an Insurance Indemnity Receipt which is required under the Lieber Code/Hague Conventions. They have to give you an indemnity receipt for the property they are stealing from you--- essentially an insurance policy guaranteeing that your property won't be harmed as a result of their use of it.

This makes you the "Subrogee" --- the Insured Party and Priority Creditor of your own ESTATE holdings. This process of "registration" (as opposed to "recording") creates a separate PERSON named after your Given Trade Name, yet owned and operated by a franchise of the MUNICIPAL UNITED STATES--- the separate government of Washington, DC, operated as an international city-state by the members of Congress.


Second, the Birth Certificate is a Bond---literally. It is a bond issued against the value of the ESTATE (or more recently, Public Transmitting Utility) assets that belong to you. A bond is an I.O.U. --- a promise to pay under stipulated conditions. You have the certificate proving that you are the actual owner of the assets being bonded, but until and unless you claim your exemption from their system of things, the benefit of the bond goes to the STATE OF STATE or DEPARTMENT that is insuring your purloined property against loss or damage.

Now notice a couple other things about your Birth Certificate that prove that what I am telling you is true.

A. There are two prominent dates displayed on the certificate. One is your actual birth day. The other is the "File Date" when the PERSON (a corporate municipal franchise) was created and replaced you as the beneficiary of your own assets. So you, the living man or woman, have a birth day--- and the corporate franchise "PERSON" named after you has a birth date which is always a few days or weeks after your birth day. In effect, the BIRTH CERTIFICATE records the "death" of your claim to own your own estate and Trade Name, and the "birth" of the federal PERSON's claim upon your assets. You are always the Holder-in-Due-Course, the Party having the first claim (first in line, first in time) to the Trade Name and Estate, but if you don't claim it, or know how to claim it, you are out of luck and disinherited.

B. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is signed by the Registrar -- an Officer of the Probate Court, which proves that your estate was probated. The living American state national, for example, the Minnesotan named William Bales Jensen, was taken off the title of his natural estate and his natural nationality and political status was changed to that of "WILLIAM BALES JENSEN" ---a federal Municipal franchise corporation and "citizen of the United States"---- that is, a citizen under the Diversity Clause of the old Federal Code which allows corporations to be citizens.

C. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is issued on bond paper, giving you "silent Notice" that the assets named on the face of the document --- your unlawfully converted estate assets including the copyright to your Trade Name, your land, your labor--- everything that you could ever own, has been seized upon and bonded by the organization issuing the certificate.

D. The process of false probate just described results in the unlawful conversion of your name and estate assets, makes you a "US citizen" instead of an "American state national", removes you from the jurisdiction of the land and deprives you of your constitutional protections, makes you indebted and obligated to pay the bills of foreign corporations, and otherwise plays havoc with you and your entire country.


For many years the vermin seized upon your Given Christian Trade Name, just as you were taught to print it in First Grade with a first name, middle name, and last name all written in Upper and Lower Case like this: John Michael Doe. 

Their federal franchise was structured as a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust operated under the same name written in all capital letters: JOHN MICHAEL DOE.

Most recently, the vermin have tried to change their stripes and instead of creating their fictional PERSONS as Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trusts, they have been creating Public Transmitting Utility franchises named after you.  How can you tell the difference?

The ESTATE trusts are all named with the full first, middle, and last names appearing in all capital letters: JOHN MICHAEL DOE. The PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES all appear with only a Middle Initial, but still in all capital letters: JOHN M. DOE.


Now, finally, you have the proof in your hand of what has been done to you, who did it, and who is liable for it. You have the lawn mower, and now all you need is the gas. 

"Judge Anna" tells us all about the "gas" in another post made the next day...

I DON'T FEEL IT NECESSARY to spend much time pointing out individual bits of drivel in the material above-- I trust that no one had any problem recognizing them as they went along. I will content my self with letting a simple picture speak a thousand words for me:

As can be seen, even without focusing on how "Judge Anna's" explanations are wrong, it is plain that her outright premises are wrong (or maybe Michigan is just the one state that isn't party to the nefarious "Birth Certificate" scheme?).

The name is NOT all-caps.

The certification date is just the date on which a witness to the birth signed the certificate.

The Registrar's signature date is just the date the certificate was received for filing in the Registrar's Office.

Everything said by "Judge Anna" IS NONSENSE (and the same is true when this "Birth Certificate" nonsense is spouted by anyone else-- Anna Von Reitz didn't come up with the stuff by herself, and it is unfortunately flogged by many others).

I DEARLY HOPE THAT anyone and everyone encountering this "Birth Certificate" lunacy will make use of the material above to help set straight whoever is its victim (and do the same for anyone suffering from any of the cross-pollinated weeds discussed earlier).

In that latter regard, I will take this opportunity to direct everyone to the related debunk page here (which is focused on the "ALL CAPS" craziness by itself); to this page, which addresses some other nonsense produced by others about birth certificates; and especially to the discussion of the Rowland ruling by the Supreme Court here, which by itself should put an end to all the "they pretend we're all corporations" nonsense.

FIND DEBUNKINGS OF SELECTED OTHER bits of nonsense plaguing the "tax honesty" and overall "activist" communities here.