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Disinformation About "Document 6209"

Simple naivete or dark troll-work, but nonsense either way...

THERE HAS LONG BEEN NONSENSE PURVEYED in the "tax honesty" community about "tax class 5". The story goes that IRS publications (such as "Document 6209") declare that forms like W-2s, 1099s and others only concern "tax class 5" and that "tax class 5" consists of just "estate and gift taxes".

Debunking this is a simple matter of looking at the actual relevant documents (which the purveyors of this stuff don't encourage-- these folks want you lost in the woods chasing down will o' the wisps so you won't be looking at the real truth about the tax, or implementing it and spreading it to others.

So let's look at the following (from IRM 21.07.005 with the important parts in bold) showing that, in fact, estate taxes are NOT "class 5":

"  (01-01-2005)
Form 706-QDT, U.S. Estate Tax Return for Qualified Domestic Trusts

1. Trustees or designated filers of a qualified domestic trust (QDT) use Form 706-QDT to figure and report the estate tax due on certain distributions from the QDT. Amount of tax on the value of the property remaining in the QDT on the date of the surviving spouse's death must also be figured.  (12-14-2012)
Form 706-QDT Processing

1. Forms 706-QDT are filed and processed in Cincinnati through the NMF Accounting function.

2. They are processed as:

  • MFT 53

  • Document Code 85

  • Tax Class 6"

Let's also look at this (from IRM Part 21.010.001) showing that "Document 6209" is not an authoritative source no matter what it says:

"The IRS Electronic Publishing Catalog contains a number of documents that can be used for research purposes. One of the most frequently used is Document 6209, IRS Processing Codes and Information. This document can also be found on-line through SERP.


If there is a discrepancy between the Document 6209 and a specific IRM, the IRM takes precedence."

HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE: "Tax class 5" is NOT what the purveyors of this distracting nonsense say it is. More importantly, it has nothing to do with how the tax is improperly applied to ordinary Americans, and what those ordinary Americans can do about such improper applications. IF IT DID, IT WOULD BE IN CtC.

All by itself, the simple fact that this stuff is NOT in CtC says that it is irrelevant at best, if not outright nonsense. WHY IS THIS CLAPTRAP NOT SHOUTED OUT OF EVERY NEWSGROUP AND CHATROOM AND FORUM, AND ITS PURVEYORS DRUMMED OUT OF THE COMMUNITY AS THE AGENTS-PROVOCATEUR THEY ARE?

Everyone promoting and posting this crap is thereby revealed as charlatans, frauds and enemies of the truth-- your enemies-- because they are promoting this crap in lieu of the truth. These falsehoods are not just innocent mistakes, and here's why you know that: everyone who spreads this stuff HAS to know about CtC.

It is simply not plausible that ANYBODY in the "tax honesty community" does not. What has been being done by students of CtC and losthorizons.com is not only unprecedented in American history, it is the veritable Holy Grail of the "tax honesty community". It is the one place the "tax honesty" war has actually been and is actually being prosecuted and won. For anyone in that community to not know of CtC and losthorizons.com is like a "Civil War buff" not knowing of Gettysburg.

So, anyone claiming to be an activist in the "tax honesty community" and purporting to share knowledge relevant to the tax who doesn't simply spend his or her time sending people to losthorizons.com, or introducing them directly to CtC, is a charlatan, pure and simple. Such persons have an agenda, and it is NOT helping other folks learn the truth about the tax. Instead, that agenda can only be KEEPING people from learning the truth about the tax.

FINALLY, I want you all to know something: I HATE writing angry articles like this.

In fact, I hate writing anything pointing out or explaining anyone's errors or misunderstandings or bad information. My fulminations above notwithstanding, I really believe most folks forwarding errors are well-meaning. Even those who AREN'T entirely well-meaning are forgiven, at least once they have stopped.

But in light of the abuses I and my family have endured for ten years now to communicate the truth about the tax, and the harm disinformation does to so many others in other ways, I can't keep from expressing myself about this stuff in the hope that YOU will step in and do your part to shut this destructive crap down.

America will not fully enjoy the liberating benefit of the truth about the income tax until this errant bs no longer clouds the many minds that it does. Please help clear it away.