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 Post subject: The News, April 25, 2022
PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2022 3:44 pm 

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The April 25, 2022 Lost Horizons Newsletter
...where real knowledge-- and actual solutions-- intersect with real Americans!

Kamala Harris Is Not Legally Qualified For Office, And That Matters Now More Than Ever
Sounds loopy, right? Well, read what follows, closely. Remember that CtC's revelations on the limits of the income tax sounded loopy in 2003, yet $billions have been recovered over the years since (even while govt.s struggle to suppress, resist and discourage)... Similarly, the idea that the feds wiretap every American 24/7 without warrants sounded loopy, too, until Ed Snowden showed us the evidence... Like I said, read what follows, closely.

ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO, in August of 2020, I first pointed out-- with a detailed analysis of the relevant law-- that Kamala Harris is Constitutionally disqualified from federal office due to her citizenship issues. Harris is a child of two non-citizens merely in the country temporarily on student visas, and as such doesn't qualify even for the mistaken notion of "birthright citizenship" under the Fourteenth Amendment found (erroneously) by the Supreme Court in Wong Kim Ark in 1898.

I re-rang my alarm bell about this important issue in November of 2020 immediately after it became clear that the massive election-rigging-and-fraud-based vote totals alleged by Democrat city clerks and other members of urban political machines were going to be vigorously defended-- especially by the MSM, which was deeply complicit in the crimes-- no matter how implausible and no matter how much evidence emerged of their falseness.

Again, in March of 2021, with Joe Biden's mental decline becoming ever more obvious, I posted an updated, easier-to-read analysis of the facts and the law which make Kamala Harris indisputably ineligible for the vice presidency, the presidency, and even for the Senate seat she had held prior to January, 2021. As on each of the prior occasions, my observations were apparently ignored entirely-- certainly I saw no responsive comments anywhere, nor the appearance of my posts or even just the issue itself anywhere else.

Maybe everyone was just too focused on the C19 distraction... as intended...

Perhaps I will have better luck getting people to pay attention to this hugely-important matter now. With the destabilizing distraction du jour-- the wildly-misreported Russian intervention in Ukraine-- having the onset of World War III as a possible side-effect, the issue of Kamala Harris's eligibility for becoming commander-in-chief should be of universal concern.




Extradition Of Julian Assange Makes Transmission Of The Following Material To His Lawyers A Vital Imperative
This can't wait, people-- surely one of you knows how to get something to Assange's legal team, right?

I DON'T WANT TO SEEM A BROKEN RECORD, but as in the discussion of the Harris ineligibility issue re-presented above, I'm going to now revisit an older post. You see, back in March of 2020 I posted an analysis of the charges directed against Julian Assange by the hyenas in Washington chittering for his blood in the hope of assuaging their pain and shame from Assange's exposure of their heinous crimes against the American people (and many others).

At that time I undertook to send this material-- which I believe completely guts the case against Assange-- to his legal team in the UK. I then watched with dismay as none of it surfaced in the proceedings that followed over the next two years.

Eventually I concluded that while it was certainly possible that the material had simply been overlooked, it was equally possible, if not more so, that Assange's team had viewed my offering as suited only to an actual trial on the charges, rather than as arguments against the extradition effort, which has a very specialized focus.

SOON AFTER POSTING AND FORWARDING the material that follows, the United States issued a second superceding indictment of Assange, but with no new charges and without substantive changes in the charges such that would nullify any of the points made below, it seems to me. Thus, it remains an imperative that those standing with this good man-- the finest and most accomplished journalist of the 21st century so far, to whom all Americans owe a huge debt-- do what they can to get this information to the lawyers who will be acting on Assange's behalf in proceedings here in the US.

I will appreciate any help in that regard that anyone can provide. Here is the analysis:



Other Voices (followed by an important afterword)

Kramatorsk Train Station Attack
Kiev and its Western backers immediately blamed Russia for the incident, but a proper investigation is likely to disagree.
by Scott Ritter

In a conflict where accusations of wrongdoing fly back and forth between Russia and Ukraine on a daily basis, when it comes to the missile attack on the Kramatorsk train station that occurred at 10:30am on April 8, 2022, both sides are in rare agreement – the missile used was a Tochka-U, a Soviet-era weapon known in the West by its NATO reporting name as the SS-21 Scarab, and in the former Soviet republics that use the weapon by its GRAU designation, 9K79.

Beyond that one technical piece of information, however, any semblance of unanimity regarding the narrative surrounding how that missile came to strike a bustling railway station, killing and wounding dozens of civilians desperately trying to evacuate from eastern Ukraine in anticipation of a large-scale Russian offensive, collapses, with each side blaming the other. Making this tragedy even more bizarre, the Russian words Za Detei – “for the children” – had been hand-painted on the missile in white.

The Tochka made its appearance in the Soviet military in 1975. A single-stage, solid-fuel tactical ballistic missile, the Tochka was assembled at the Votkinsk Machine Building Plant before being delivered to the Soviet Army, where it was further disseminated to the various units equipped with the system. An improved version of the Tochka, known as the Tochka-U (Uluchshenny, or “improved”) was introduced in 1989; the improvements included increased range and accuracy.

The Tochka-U operates as a simple inertially-guided ballistic missile. Simply put, the operators, working from a known location, orient the launcher in the direction of their target, and then calculate the distance between the point of launch and point of impact. The solid-fuel engine of the Tochka-U burns for 28 seconds, meaning that the range of the missile isn’t determined by engine burn-time alone, but rather the angle that the missile was launched – the more vertical the missile at time of launch, the shorter its range will be.

Because the missile burns to depletion, once the engine shuts down, the missile will cease its pure ballistic trajectory, and instead assume a near-vertical posture as it heads toward its target. The warhead is released at a designated point above the target. In the case of the Kramatorsk attack, the Tochka-U was equipped with the 9N123K cluster warhead, containing fifty submunitions, each of which has the effect of a single hand grenade in terms of explosive and lethal impact.

The flight characteristics of the Tochka-U result in a debris pattern which has the cluster munitions impacting on the ground first, followed by the depleted booster, which hits the earth some distance behind the impact of the warhead. This creates a tell-tale signature, so to speak, of the direction from where the missile was launched, which can be crudely calculated by shooting a reverse azimuth from the point of impact of the warhead through the booster.



Illuminating Anniversaries For This Week!


"I confidently trust that the American people will prove themselves...too wise not to detect the false pride or the dangerous ambitions or the selfish schemes which so often hide themselves under that deceptive cry of mock patriotism: 'Our country, right or wrong!' They will not fail to recognize that our dignity, our free institutions and the peace and welfare of this and coming generations of Americans will be secure only as we cling to the watchword of true patriotism: 'Our country--when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right.'"
-Senator Carl Schurz, October 17, 1899

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