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The October 4, 2021 Lost Horizons Newsletter Mid-Edition Update
...where real knowledge intersects with real Americans!

There Is No Public Health Utility To The Current COVID "Vaccines"
This is really simple stuff-- just read carefully.

THE NORMAL ARGUMENT FOR public health utility in a vaccine is that the measure eliminates the hazard of Person A transmitting a pathogen to Person B. That is, the public health utility of a vaccine hinges on it having the effect of immunizing the vaccinated individual from becoming infected and spreading the disease.

The current COVID "vaccines" pushed by the Biden administration are not even purported to have the requisite property of conferring immunity-- and they do not. All that is (itself dubiously) claimed of them is that they lessen the severity of the disease as experienced by the "vaccinated" individual.

Those "vaccinated" individuals can still catch and spread the virus to others-- including "others" who are themselves fully "vaccinated". See reports here, here and here, for instance.

Further, "vaccinated" individuals carry (and transmit) at least as much viral load as unvaccinated (as admitted here by the CDC)-- and possibly a great deal more (as indicated here).

Further still, contrary to the deceptions practiced by the "vaccine" boosters in government and the media, infections among the "vaccinated" have been occurring since the very beginning of the "vaccination" rollouts (as admitted here by the CDC). This means that "breakthrough" cases are not a consequence of "waning protection"-- the "protection" has never existed, and the "vaccine" manufacturers have never claimed that their products conferred immunity anyway. (Btw, be sure to note the admission in the fifth paragraph that,"...the number of reported COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases is likely a substantial undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons.")

Nor are "breakthrough" cases the consequence of some special property of the so-called "Delta variant". As pointed out in these pages previously in a bit more detail, it is the "spike protein" that makes the COVID virus dangerous. The "vaccines" purport to directly (and exclusively) provide a defense against that singular feature of the virus.

If the "vaccines" DO provide a defense against the "spike protein", then unless the "Delta variant" lacks the "spike protein" (and is therefore relatively harmless and not possibly the cause of "breakthrough infections") the "vaccines" will protect just as much against the "variant" as they do against the original version of the virus.

All told, then, the "vaccines" can be said to offer a private health benefit (to the extent that the claim of severity mitigation for the "vaccinated" person is true). But they offer no public health benefit whatsoever.

Let me say that again, for emphasis, and so that you all will copy and paste this simple analysis everywhere and repeat it to every Kool-Aid-drinking death-cult nutcase until it sinks in and their eyes unglaze:

The current COVID "vaccines" provide no public health benefit whatsoever.

Further, of course: With no public health benefit resulting from "vaccination", there is no valid rationale for mandating "vaccination"*.



Why Do So Many Still Buy Into The Narrative?
A psychologist's application of mass formation analysis to the C19 hysteria.

I CAME ACROSS the video below just last night, and am pleased to have done so. In the film podcaster Dan Gregory-- a seemingly well-disposed observer of the "pandemic" madness, although this is the first time I've seen his work-- interviews Dr. Mattias Desmet, a statistician and clinical psychologist from Belgium, about the psychology of the COVID cult.

Although you should be prepared for some hesitations throughout as Desmet struggles to formulate a sentence, his English is pretty good, and what he has to say is both fascinating and very important. Not only does Desmet do a good job explaining the path to totalitarianism upon which the world finds itself right now, but he explains the dynamic by which so many of our fellows, here in America and elsewhere, have succumbed to the C19 hysteria as though bereft of their senses.

Watch the whole hour and 15 minutes. If you take a thoughtful approach to the threats around us (as everyone should), you will find yourself much better equipped than you had been with an understanding of how to productively fight back against the lunacy and its dire threat of atrocities to come if things are allowed to proceed undisturbed along their present course.

Continued... (with an important afterword by Yours Truly)


Illuminating Anniversaries For This Week!

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