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The September 27, 2021 Lost Horizons Newsletter
...where real knowledge-- and actual solutions-- intersect with real Americans!

W. Is Right-- January 6 REALLY IS Just Like 9/11...
..."foul spirit" stuff and all. But not in the way Bush meant.

"There is no safety for honest men but by believing all possible evil of evil men."
-Edmund Burke

ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, George W. Bush gave a speech in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. In his remarks, Bush equated the events at the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, to the events in New York, Arlington, and Shanksville on September 11, 2001.

More specifically, Bush alleged that those responsible for the crimes committed on both January 6, 2021 and September 11, 2001 were of the same ilk-- "children of the same foul spirit". (It is assumed that the domestic actors who allegedly disdain pluralism, disregard human life, and are determined to defile national symbols to which Bush referred in his speech are those connected with January 6 rather than the BLM rioters, looters, arsonists and murderers who rampaged through American cities and tore down monuments throughout the summer of 2020, although he never expressly distinguished his target.)

Many howls of outrage erupted across the heartland at the perceived smear. I even heard lifelong Republicans meeting in a party headquarters building muttering about removing Bush's portrait from the wall.

And to the extent that Bush meant to suggest that the protestors/tourists who entered the Capitol building on January 6-- most of them at the invitation of the Capitol police, and most of whom just wandered around taking selfies before strolling back out again-- with the officially-asserted al-Qaeda villains responsible for the heinous crimes and violence of 9/11, the outrage was justified.

However falsely portrayed by unscrupulous Democrats and their MSM collaborators, the January 6 Capitol crowd was unarmed and almost entirely peaceful. It caused almost no damage at all, and was plainly on hand for the valid purpose of encouraging Congress to give a proper hearing to the evidence of systematic fraud in the 2020 election many Republican members were prepared to present.

But actually, George Bush was much more right than he probably meant or understood himself to be (unless he is possessed of a sharpness of wit which never made itself apparent to me during his time in office). And those on the populist right denouncing Bush's speech are also overlooking the truth lurking-- whether deliberately or ironically-- within Bush's words.

The fact is, those responsible for the events of January 6 that could be termed heinous are exactly the same people responsible-- in whole or in part-- for the crimes of 9/11. Both sets of events were false-flag affairs orchestrated and exploited by children of the same foul spirit-- the spirit of hatred for a Constitutional structure that imposes limits on the state and on those in control of its organs.



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Other Voices (followed by an important afterword)

Covid, 9/11 & Forever War
From the war on terror to the "pandemic", the elite are constructing fake threats to start wars that never have to end.
by Kit Knightly

The war was not meant to be won. It was meant to be continuous.
-George Orwell, 1984

Our 9/11 coverage this year, the 20th anniversary, has been focused on viewing the attacks of 2001 through the lens of the Covid “pandemic” rollout.

The point is not that both Covid19 and 9/11 are necessarily part of the same grand plan, were carried out by the same people, or were in any way directly connected. Rather, they are thematically connected, on the meta-level.

They spring from the same collective urge all rulers and governments harbour, and are employed to the same end.

They are different tools designed to achieve the same end. Different approaches to the same problem. Different evolutionary stages of the same animal: The decades-long change in the core aims of warfare and even the very meaning of “war” itself.

War has always been vital to the preservation of the state. Wars make rulers rich, and people scared. They unite nations behind leaders, and distract from domestic political issues.

But, as nations become more powerful, weapon technology more advanced, and global power centralises in giant corporations rather than nations, war – in the traditional sense – becomes more expensive, more dangerous, and largely meaningless.

Essentially the old-fashioned motivations for warfare no longer apply, but the ancillary domestic benefits of war-like policy remain. While the state, and their corporate backers, no longer need to take part in pitched battles over the best farmland, they do still need their subjects to believe they are under attack.

In short, by necessity, “war” has gradually shifted from genuine inter-state conflicts over control of resources, into a top-down tool of psychological manipulation.

And the first stage of that evolution was 9/11.



Illuminating Anniversaries For This Week!


"I confidently trust that the American people will prove themselves...too wise not to detect the false pride or the dangerous ambitions or the selfish schemes which so often hide themselves under that deceptive cry of mock patriotism: 'Our country, right or wrong!' They will not fail to recognize that our dignity, our free institutions and the peace and welfare of this and coming generations of Americans will be secure only as we cling to the watchword of true patriotism: 'Our country--when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right.'"
-Senator Carl Schurz, October 17, 1899

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