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PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:32 am 

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Some Important Words For National Forum Participants (And Everyone Else)
Many of you seem to be forgetting what the forum is for, and is not for...

WHAT THE FORUM IS FOR: Helping and encouraging each other (and those reading forum posts from behind the glass) in outreach efforts (an exciting new example of which is discussed further on in this article).

What it is NOT for: Seeking advice from each other on what to do about some tax agency stall or balkiness or intimidation tactic.

LET ME SAY AGAIN what I have said so often before: All tax agency stalls or balkiness or intimidation efforts are made in order to distract you from doing the only thing that will actually defeat the schemers: Waking up other people.

Everyone should recognize every "frivolous penalty" scare letter, every "We need more time" notice, every incomplete refund-- every EVERYTHING that isn't a full-claim-honored check or credit notice-- as a distraction. A deliberate distraction.

These people desperately want those of you who are distinguished by your knowledge, your resolution and your courage to be sidelined scrambling around for a smoke-shifter or a sky-hook that you imagine or have been told by someone is the answer-- or is a necessary answer-- to agency bad behavior. They want you doing ANYTHING other than waking up other people.

LISTEN: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SMOKE-SHIFTER. There is no such thing as a sky-hook.

And neither one of these made-up "necessities" is or ever could be actually necessary or useful in a tax matter, even if they existed. Once a proper filing has been made there is nothing else needed except steadfastness (which may include the need to repeat yourself a few times) and perhaps eventually a lawsuit.

Even just one proper and accurate educated filing resulting in a victory-- by itself, after agency scrutiny and attention-- is enough to prove that this is all that is needed. 250,000 of them, all thoroughly vetted, overwhelmingly prove this point.

Once a "frivolous submission" allegation has been timely and properly rebutted there is nothing else needed except steadfastness (which may include a need to repeat yourself a few times) and perhaps eventually a lawsuit.

The simple fact is, all the balky bad-apple tax agency bs in the world can't legitimately beat you by any mechanism in the law once those accurate and proper rebuttals of adverse allegations have been timely made. Your focus of attention at that point needs to be on setting the stage for winning those lawsuits (which, when thoroughly done, will make the need for lawsuits evaporate).

THERE ARE TWO FACTORS INVOLVED in winning lawsuits as an educated filer. I'll explain both, but understand, the one I'm going to identify second is far more important than the first. Indeed, get the second one right, and the first one becomes irrelevant. But if you don't get the second one right, the first one almost certainly becomes an exercise in short-term futility.

So, here's the first factor: Have your presentation of the law and the facts organized. There's nothing to exchange posts about on the Forum regarding this factor; everyone qualified to participate there has the first half of that already in hand here and here, and the second half is more-or-less a simple fill-in-the-blanks affair.

In any event, nothing need be done regarding this first factor until a suit is being filed.


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