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"This is Liberty Hall-- you can spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard"

That being said... Profanity, racial, ethnic, religious or cultural slurs, and disagreeable (that is, sustained, vicious or irrational) ranting or flaming are prohibited. Discussion subjects should be confined to those consistent with Lost Horizon's general philosophical mission-- the defense of Liberty and the Rule of Law.

Anyone looking for something to talk about is invited to visit The Bulletin Board and the Newsletter Archive for inspiration; and all participants interested in the "income" tax-- which tends to be a popular subject of discussion here-- are encouraged to read the posted comments on '"income" tax misunderstandings'. Related 'current event' topics are welcome.

Regardless of the topic, posts should maintain a demeanor of dialogue or observation, rather than a harangue or disquisition. This is a forum, not a soapbox.


It is to be understood by all that anything posted to this Forum is solely the opinion of that participant; and no matter what may be read here, every individual is responsible for his or her own overall education, conclusions and decisions.

It must also be understood that some opinions expressed here-- even some expressed forcefully, prolifically and with great confidence-- are COMPLETE NONSENSE, if not outright deliberate efforts to mislead or misinform (observation of which will lead to the revocation of posting privileges).

The insistence of some in clinging to pet "theories" about Social Security numbers, citizenship or residency, OMB numbers, and innumerable other distractions from the truth-- especially in light of the complete absence of evidence of the veracity of these "theories" (and much evidence to the contrary), the complete disagreement of the law with such "theories", and the endlessly demonstrated, seamless, comprehensive and exclusive accuracy of what is taught on this site, and in CtC-- is astonishing, to say the least. Click here for more on this important subject.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to keep this in mind, and to read 'Cracking the Code'-- and all the material throughout losthorizons.com-- for themselves, in order to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Participants are required to do so.

Understand clearly: The forums do not exist to provide venues in which some folks can be made to spend their time and energy explaining to others why various notions, theories or silver-bullets which appear nowhere either in CtC or on this site (but are nonetheless floating around-- or raging through-- the "tax honesty" community) are incorrect or irrelevant.

I will say as plainly as possible what I have by necessity said many times before, but usually with more circumspection (and can't seem to say often enough): Any and all notions concerning the nature of the "income" tax-- how it is applied, why it can be thus applied, how it interfaces with the legal system and so forth-- which are not taught in CtC or on this site (exclusive of forum posts, of course) are just inherently wrong or are entirely irrelevant to the tax. They are raised or promoted either in ignorance or for ill purposes.

Such notions should not be debated or discussed-- doing either is a waste of valuable time and energy. There is one kind of simple response that is appropriate when presented with "alternative" or "supplemental" notions of this sort:

"You didn't find that in CtC or on losthorizons.com, so put it out of your mind. Here is what is actually true about that aspect of the tax..."


"That notion has already been shown to be erroneous at [the relevant "misunderstandings" page]..."


"Since there is no actual (or unambiguous) evidence demonstrating the accuracy of the contrary or disputatious notion you advocate, while on the other hand a huge, constantly-growing body of every conceivable kind of evidence-- including even the nuanced character of governmental efforts to discourage the CtC-educated-- unmistakably demonstrates the complete accuracy of CtC, why are you bringing this up? What is your real agenda?"

If this gentle approach isn't effective, direct your correspondent here. If that doesn't suffice, let me know so that I can remove this individual-- now revealed as either uneducable or a deliberate "agent provocateur"-- from the forum.

The Forum is also not a place for asking and answering even seemingly CtC-respectful questions about what to do or how to do it.

Questions should be confined to, "Where do I find material on _____ in CtC or on losthorizons.com; and answers should be confined to directing the questioner accordingly.

Keep in mind that those who wish to keep the truth spinning its wheels, and making as little forward progress as possible, routinely and systematically exploit two basic human foibles:

1. The natural tendency of those whose education is incomplete to mistake sporadic, creative (and carefully indirect)-- but well publicized-- tax agency resistance to a few educated filings as meaning that there is some piece of the puzzle missing (imagining that otherwise, the generations-old scam that even now continues to successfully bamboozle 180 million Americans 24/7 would have just thrown in the towel and abandoned the field, rather than continue to cast about for some silver-bullet of its own that will frighten or confuse students of the truth into retreat or disarray); and

2. The equally natural tendency of everyone to be attracted to notions that are presented as, or appear to be, resistance-risk-reducing tricks or short-cuts.

Thus, there is a constant effort to seed the "tax honesty" community (and CtC forums directly) with notions designed to invoke both of these unfortunate tendencies in order to distract forum participants from their primary purposes of:

  • 3. The perfecting of each other's accurate educations-- not promoting "alternative" or "supplemental" educations, but by referring the ignorant or misled to relevant material in CtC or on losthorizons.com (exclusive of forum pages);

  • 2. Mutual encouragement in standing up and acting; and, most importantly,

  • 1. Planning and executing ever-more effective means of spreading of the actual truth about the tax.

I rely on everyone posting here to help keep this forum in focus, and productive. Posts amounting to offenses of the sort described above, persistent straying from the three primary purposes of the forum, or evidence of a failure to keep current with the Lost Horizons newsletters may result in removal from the forum without prior notice.


On a related note, absolutely NO inferences are to be drawn from my participating, or not participating in a thread; or responding or not responding to a post (which would be exclusively as 'PH' or 'ForumAdmin'-- I do not use any pseudonyms). I cannot and will not participate in every thread or respond to every post, even those that request such a response. When I do, it is generally more a matter of timing than of the virtue of the thread or post. Indeed, I do not even read all posts. I'm just one man, and there are only so many hours in the day.


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