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The "Answer Within 45 Days" Promised In The Last Non-Response:



A Victory, And Thus A Sea-Change In This Contest


February 28th, 2005: Cracking the Code-...' warrior Patrick Mooney has just received a complete refund of EVERYTHING withheld from him by the federal government during 2004-- Social Security, Medicare, and all.  The evidence of his success in upholding the law can be seen at www.losthorizons.com/tax/MoreVictories.htm.


Now, Patrick has acquired a tremendous advantage in his contest.  He has the federal government on paper admitting that his new understanding of the law, upon which his amended filings are based, is perfectly correct.  The government has acknowledged that none of Patrick's 2004 earnings were subject to any "income" tax.  Thus, its pretense of believing that his earnings of earlier years WERE subject to the tax stands revealed as the corrupt charade that it really is.


Caught in the web of its deceits, the government has complicated its situation still further.  It reduced Patrick's 2004 refund by three "civil penalties" which were assessed based upon the government's own previous assertions that his claims regarding the earlier years were "frivolous".  Thus, even while perforce acknowledging the truth, the government continues to try to prop up its lucrative sham.  It is no accident that these seizures have improperly taken place prior to Patrick's being afforded the 'Collections Due Process Hearings' which he demanded when first threatened with the penalties many months ago, and to which he is entitled by law.


Very possibly Patrick will get this seized money back simply by pressing for those hearings, much as did 'Cracking the Code-...' reader Darrell Williams this past autumn under similar circumstances.  Perhaps that same step will break the dam regarding his refunds for those earlier years as well, the withholding of which would then be even more transparently indefensible.  But jumping through such hoops seems likely to be the only way.  The government appears incapable of simply facing the facts in a forthright manner.  Instead, it is playing the, "We've already got your money-- if you want it back, sue us!" card.  Even if it must lose in the end, the state apparently intends to make the process as difficult for Patrick as possible.  Indeed, what choice has it got?  To do otherwise is to abandon what have always been the "income" tax scheme's greatest tools for keeping the great mass of Americans on the leash-- confusion and a carefully measured 'hassle' factor.


So, hats off to Patrick for sticking to his guns and fighting the good fight.  I wish him the best as he goes forward.


By the way, Patrick has posted his own comments on this victory at www.unlearning.org/editor60.htm.  His brief but powerful video on "income" tax truth can be seen at www.unlearning.org/library/pays.wmv.  I urge everyone to view, and forward, this video.

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