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Karl M.'s 2000 and 2001 Refund Claims

(The following summaries are Karl's)


In 2000 I had no Federal withholding taken from my pay other than SS and Medicare. I had filed an exempt W-4 with my  employer. I filed a Schiff "Zero' return for that year in which I got a letter back from the IRS saying that" We cannot accept  the Form 1040 we received....We have determined that the return is frivolous."


Just a few months ago they filed a notice of lien against me at the county recorders office for 2000.  After coming to the  understanding that I needed to rebut the erroneous W-2 that they were basing their claims on, on December 4th I filed a 2000 Form 1040 with Form 4852 correcting this error.  Please see the 2000 PDF for the documents sent and received.


In response to the 2000 filing I got the 2645C letter asking for more time like the one posted on your site.  So for 2000 I am still awaiting a response.

Here is the .pdf of Karl's 2000 documents.



In 2001 I filed a Schiff "Zero" return again which I know that they will not accept. Again I received a W-2 from my employer and I claimed "exempt" for all of 2001. I filed form 4852 again reflecting only Social Security and Medicare and CA SDI withheld and correctly placing "0" under the "Wages" sections.  Please see 2001 PDF for the documents sent and received.


Thus far no penalties, determinations or liens have been filed for 2001.  Today I got a response from the IRS for 2001 that I believe has not been covered by any discussions on your site. The letter is a 2690C and says: "WE ARE RETURNING THE ENCLOSED DOCUMENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: YOUR FORM 4852 INDICATES ZERO IN FEDERAL WITHHOLDING SO WE ARE RETURNING THE FORM BACK TO YOU. IF YOU HAVE ANY PAY STUBS FOR TAX YEAR 2001 YOU CAN SEND THOSE IN SHOWING FEDERAL WITHHOLDING FROM YOUR PAY."  It goes with some more general information. See 2001 PDF.

Here is the .pdf of Karl's 2001 documents.