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to the LOST HORIZONS Criminal Code Database Search Utility!

Now that the Federal and State governments have made their various criminal codes, statutes, and regulations available on the net, it is possible to discover whether any given act, or omission, that you propose to engage in is illegal, even before you step out of bounds.

Just enter a brief description of what you propose to do in the field below, and press the search button. Our mighty engines will rumble into action, and within moments, an answer will appear, informing you of whether what you wish to do is perfectly legal, or if it violates one or more statutes or regulations.


Of course, as the laws of this great nation are constantly subject to changes in interpretation, and new regulations are possibly being promulgated even as you read this, LOST HORIZONS, and anyone else associated with this site and/or utility disclaims any responsibility associated with acting on the results of this search. Use at your own risk