Dear legal professional and fellow American,


Pete Hendrickson is the first person in history to demand and receive refunds of the Social Security taxes milked out of his paychecks (along with all other taxes withheld for the federal government).  He has authored a book explaining the federal revenue law-- ‘Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America’-- and maintains a website you should look at:


Hundreds of Hendrickson’s readers have similarly demonstrated the accuracy of his analysis of the law by successfully claiming total refunds from the federal and various state governments, nullifying liens and levies, recovering garnished property, securing formal notifications of zeroed-out accounts, etc..  Many of these successes are broadcast shamelessly on Pete's website (which the IRS has been unable to silence, due to DOJ refusal-- three times now-- to support its efforts).  Again, I urge you to have a look without further ado.


There are now thousands of like-minded people interacting nationwide, with a mutual purpose of obtaining back 100% of all erroneously collected federal and state income taxes, and ending the many tax-related (and tax-facilitated) bad practices into which various government agencies have slipped during recent decades.


We are on offense here, not defense; and we are seeking creative, intelligent and liberty-minded attorneys and paralegals to participate in these efforts (which will not only provide opportunities to do the right thing, but will also furnish those of you who step up first with a whole lot of billable hours). 


Are you interested? 


Please let us know at your earliest convenience.  Contact me at [   ], contact Pete Hendrickson at phendrickson 'at', or visit


Sincerely Yours,